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Tom Felton covers Glamaholic and talks playing the baddie in Murder in the First

oops I was thinking there would be more of a gap between my two different Murder in the First posts. Well, anyway... Premiering Monday, everyone! Order your TNT subscription now!

Before we do anything else, can we all just take a second to appreciate just how fit Tom Felton is these days? The slicked back hair and matching Draco Malfoy smirk is a distant memory and after keeping a low profile while filming a load of new movies, he's back and looking pretty hot stuff on the cover of Glamaholic Magazine.


As well as having a moody, broody pose, Tom had a chat with the mag about his new show Murder in the First, premiering the Monday on TNT:

"Well, it’s a hell of a ride that’s for sure! We just wrapped on it yesterday. As characters we didn’t know the ending until about a week before we actually shot it, so it’s been a lot of fun exploring this character not really knowing where it’s going to end."

What were your thoughts on your character -- Erich Blunt -- when you first read the script?

"It's a ten-episode drama, but I only got to read the pilot, so it was quite difficult to judge it. But he's one of the most interesting characters that I've got to play. He's a tech genius, one of those modern day rock stars of the silicon valley world."

How bad of a guy is he? Is there another side to him that's going to surprise us?

"I don't want to say too much really ... he's not really easy to put your thumb on. But yeah, in that way is he villainous? He's just a very strong individual, and someone who doesn't have much time for people who don't understand that."

"It's my first real TV show, and we had such a brilliant cast and crew around us, so it was nothing but a joy to come to work every day. Some of the actors I got to work with -- James Cromwell and Currie Graham, I spent a lot of time with those two, Richard Schiff. So it's working with those actors that makes the whole experience really enriching."


He's also got a bit of advice for young actors who want to make it in the industry and added:

"I was very lucky that I always had very good friends around me when I was filming as a youngster.

"Friends who didn’t really have any interest in what I was doing as an actor, but just wanted to hangout after school or – later on in life – grab a beer and watch the football game. Get some good friends, that’s my best advice.”

What a total and utter babe, even if he is dressed as some sort of Parisian biker.

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