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Jessica Alba - videos (interviews, commercial) and candids

Discusses 'Sin City' sequel:

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On dancing and working with a professional choreographer: "It wasn't easy. I'm not a dancer."
On how her character differs from the first film: "Well, my character was very innocent and sweet, and a bit sort of like a deer caught in the headlights. She was much more of a victim in a weird way and, in this one, she's sad and alcoholic and damaged and angry and... she's a bit of a hot mess. And in the end, she sort of flips it and becomes a warrior."

Discusses pressures and risks in movies:

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On getting more involved in the business side of movies: "Movies are such a bad business to be in! I mean, it's such a crapshoot. You could put so much time and money behind something and it all weighs on an opening weekend. And on that opening weekend, there could be... a storm where half of the country is under snow, and there goes half your box office. [...] It's such an intense, fickle business."
On how it feels on opening day: "You just hope that someone goes and sees it. [laughs] Oh, dear - here we go!"

Discusses co-founding the 'Honest Company':

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On the personal experience she had to help raise her awareness: "When I was pregnant with my first daughter, about six and a half years ago, I had an allergic reaction to the number one laundry detergent that's geared towards babies. It says 'hypoallergenic' on it and all these things, and I bought it, and I used it, and I actually got welts on my hands, I was sneezing, my eyes were tearing. [...] I was like, well, I'm gonna Google it to see what's in this stuff, and as I did research, I found out that companies don't have to disclose all of their ingredients on a packaging. And I found out that there are all of these toxic chemicals and untested chemicals in products that are not only just geared to babies, which is horrifying, but in every day cleaning products; all around your house, even in carpeting and your couch and your drapes. I didn't realize that inside a home - because of all of the off-gassing from flame retardants and basically all these petrol-chemicals that they make these materials out of - inside a home is more toxic, and the air is worse for you than outside. So I wanted to create the safest and healthiest environment... and there wasn't one trusted brand that I could rely on. All the eco-alternatives that were out there were better for the planet, not necessarily better for my family."

Jessica Alba keeps it chic in red pants while hosting a fun-filled baby shower for over 30 expectant and new U.S. Navy families on Tuesday (June 3) in San Diego, Calif.

Growing up in a military family and having many family members in the service, I saw first-hand how tough deployment is on families and the time apart is never easy for either party involved… I am so thrilled to join Operation Shower to reward these brave men and women as a small token of The Honest Company’s appreciation for their service and their sacrifices to help protect our country,” the 33-year-old actress shared during the baby shower.

The Honest Company held a fun and emotional product giveaway for attending mothers, where every family were gifted month supply of Honest Company diapers and wipes.

The night before, Jessica and her husband Cash Warren held hands after grabbing dinner at popular hotspot Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills.

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