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Anti-Gay Activist Anita Bryant ‘Makes Me Think Of My Own Mother’ Says HLN’s Nancy DisGrace

Nancy loves Glenn Beck, so... and that "doctor", the one who said that Elliot Rodger may have gone on a shooting rampage thanks to his "homosexual impulses", is a frequent guest on Grace's show.

Almost everyone, regardless of age, probably remembers Anita Bryant for two reasons: hawking Florida orange juice in her, “it’s not just for breakfast anymore” TV commercials, and for leading a hate-filled campaign for years against gay people.

Everyone, except HLN anchor Nancy Grace.

In a strange segment discussing the recent attack on Brad Pitt, Grace saw fit to bring up the pie that was thrown in Anita Bryant’s face by an LGBT activist in 1977. That was 37 years ago, yet Grace felt it was appropriate to bring up in her reporting on Brad Pitt.

Anita Bryant, of course, is the born again Christian who in the 1970′s launched Save Our Children, a vicious anti-gay campaign that successfully repealed a Miami, Florida ordinance that banned anti-gay discrimination in areas like housing and employment. Although she admitted he knew little about LGBT people, Bryant’s claim that she trumpeted through her campaign was, “Homosexuals cannot reproduce – so they must recruit. And to freshen their ranks, they must recruit the youth of America.”

The NGLTF reports that “Bryant’s 1977 campaign to legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians in Miami Dade County relied upon the most base characterizations of gay and lesbian people – abnormal, limp-wristed, militant and deviant in nature, involved in sadistic sexual rituals, and abominable practices – and was hugely successful. Bryant won with nearly 70 percent of the vote on election day.”

All of this rabid anti-gay hate, all these ugly anti-gay lies, however, are strangely lost on HLN’s Nancy Grace.

“Do you remember Anita Bryant?,” Grace asked her guest. “Anita Bryant was a religious singer, I think she represented the orange industry. She had a lot of conservative views, but she had this beautiful voice, and she was everywhere singing all the time. A lot of times it was Christian inspirational music…

“I still remember when I was a little girl, and somebody came up and did this to her, in public. She was speaking on some issue dear to hear heart, and I remember that as a little girl. I mean, she is a lady, to come. I don’t understand that. I don’t understand that, Bethany. I mean, why did that guy do that? That was the first time I recall this happening — to her. I mean, look at her. She makes me think of my own mother. Why would you do this to a sweet lady whether you agree with her politics or not?”

While we’re not condoning violence — even pie-throwing — the answer is simple: Anita Bryant had declared war on gay people. She was spreading lies and hate. Again — not condoning physical violence, even of the pie variety, but was there really a need to bring this up without putting it in its proper context?

Nancy Grace is 54. She was born in 1959, so in 1977 she would have been about 18. Does she really not remember why Anita Bryant ended her career? Does she really not remember all the vile things Anita Bryant did? Or is this an attempt to re-write history?

As Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper observes, this ode to Bryant was “obviously pre-planned, since producers had cued B-roll.”


For old time's sake - survivor, Elizabeth Smart can't believe what a kunt Nancy is:

Thanks to isntdaveone!

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