Aw shucks (_______awshucks) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Aw shucks

Guess Who I Met?

Daniel Radcliffe!

I went to see his play, The Cripple of Inishmaan, on Friday night. Dan was fantastic and the play was both funny and a little heartbreaking. I had also seen Dan in Equus and How to Succeed..but had never succeeded in meeting him at stage door. It was crazy at the stage door. I had seen 2 girls leave the theater before the show even ended to get to the SD, which is a real shame because it's A. not cheap to see Broadway shows and B. The ending is very important to the story. There were also many people there who clearly hadn't seen the show, which makes me angry, but I digress.

People were shoving and pushing like crazy, but I luckily got shoved in with some very nice people. We waited about an hour for Dan to come out. The other actors came out as well and they were all so nice. Dan finally came out and was signing as much as he could and taking pictures. He even took people's phones to take the selfies to make it easier for people pushed up against the barricade.

When he got to me I told him he was fantastic and that I had seen his two previous shows as well. He was SO NICE and gracious and thanked me. He signed my Playbill and we took a selfie. He took it a few times to make sure I had a good one! The night was well worth it and I'm so ecstatic that I got to meet and speak to him.
Tags: broadway / theatre, daniel radcliffe, guess who

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