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The Bachelorette : Love and Basketball

It's been a weird week on The Bachelorette. First of all, lots of people didn't even know the show snuck a new episode in on Sunday night—if you're one of 'em, click here to see what you missed. Then there was last night's heavy episode, which, in addition to covering Dylan's heartbreaking backstory, (spoiler) turned included the departure of the late Eric Hill, who died shortly after he finished filming on the show. We'll talk about the serious stuff in a minute—just as soon as we get the seriously ridiculous out of the way.

Most curious reaction to entering a hotel: All the guys

I'm always tickled by the way people on television are made to lose their minds over hotel suites. Don't get me wrong—I am practically the mascot of small rooms with double beds and garage views. There's nothing wrong with appreciating cool accommodations. But you can do that without flinging your body against the walls or, in this case, rub-a-dub-dub, cramming into the tub with seven other full-grown men, and toasting with... imaginary shots? Is everyone having a stroke?

Lowest standards: Dylan

Andi tells Dylan she's taking him on a train ride. He says he can't think of anything better. Think harder.

(Dying at Dylan's Jim Halpert glance at the camera after he got the rose).

Best burn: Lindsey Harding

What would a trip to Connecticut be without a hoops session with some WNBA stars? (I'm trying really hard to assign Connecticut some characteristics here. It's not working.) Anyway, L.A. Sparks star Lindsey Harding sagely observes that she hopes the guys "have more game off the court than they do on the court." What do you mean, no game on the court?

Best score: This

Oh, that's what she means.

Sleepiest narrator: Chris

For some reason, Chris is entrusted with the voiceovers for the entire basketball segment. The only problem is that he accidentally ingested a few pig tranquilizers he brought from home before going on-camera. "We're gonna win... this. Time... with Andi."

Best unexplained phenomenon: The game jerseys

One team has jerseys screenprinted with "Rosebuds." The other has plain pinnies that they drew on with a pen. We'll never know why.

Favorite new X-factor: Angry Josh

Sorry, technical difficulties.

Favorite new X-factor: Angry Josh

There we go. I've been wondering where all the temper's been hiding this season. Turns out it was boiling behind Josh's immaculate half-oval hairline, and a loss on the court sent it bubbling over. Josh could also be heard, later in the night, snapping menacingly that "She shouldn't be crying right now." Set your clocks, kids—we're exactly one week out from a new fisthole in the Bachelor mansion's faux-stucco walls.

Oddest camerawork: The angle on Andi and Nick V.

What is this? Am I staring at a poster in the dentist's office right now? Bro, if you can't get the shot, you can't get the shot. Walk away.

Genuinely cute moment: Andi and Marcus rappelling down the Mohegan Sun

Full disclosure: When this scene started up, I started browsing OneKingsLane.com, because if there's any interchangeable footage amongst Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, it's the damn walking-down-a-building sequence. What brought me back was the adorable exchange that went down when Marcus tried to calm Andi by asking her what her mom is like. Fearing for her life and gasping for air, Andi responded that "She's nice... she plays mah jongg with her friends."


Damn, Marcus is a stage 5 ... and oh at the 15 min recon at the end of the episode. Andi is whack.
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