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Ranking the Women of Game of Thrones

9. Ellaria Sand

Nooooooooooooooo. I did not see the death of Oberyn coming after he'd speared the Mountain a few times and slit his ankle. We feel for you, Ellaria, but all great orgies must come to an end. Your greatest protector just got his head squeezed like a pimple—get out of King's Landing, now!

5. Arya Stark

Hell yeah for some laughter on Game of Thrones. Arya will never have to deal with her crazy aunt, and now she gets to go on more swashbuckling adventures with The Hound! This is a great turn of events. The only problem is that her guardian might develop a Drogo-like infection, leaving the wee Stark to fend for herself. Better start practicing that water-dancing routine, Arya.

3. Daenerys Targaryen

Chill out, Khaleesi! Yeah, Ser Jorah, was a traitor, but that's not the point. Homeboy is so in love with you, he'd do anything to protect you and your beautiful baby dragons. I get being angry in the moment, but you should've slept on the decision to banish your most trusted, and knowledgable advisor.

2. Sansa

YES, Sansa, YES!!! Love the way you lie. This is the moment I've been waiting for from the show's least ambitious Stark. Throughout Season 4, this column has been very cruel to Sansa—some say needlessly so—but in this episode, she pulled off a key power move. Rather than surrender her slimy, yet ultra protective uncle and (soon to be?) lover, she looked out for herself. Now Sansa basically owns a castle, and got a sexy makeover.

1. Cersei Lannister

Welp, she picked the right person to fight Oberyn. The Queen Regent, one way or another, always gets what she wants. In this case, it's soon to be Tyrion's head. Unless her brother can think of something, Cersei is about to secure herself as the kingdom's deadliest woman to never get her hands dirty.

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