WWE Payback Results

WWE Payback Results – June 1,2014

WWE Payback Kickoff Pre-show

- The 2014 WWE Payback Kickoff Pre-show opens up with fans piling into the Rosemont Arena outside of Chicago, Illinois. Josh Mathews welcomes us. He’s joined by Booker T, Kofi Kingston and Alex Riley. They hype tonight’s show and the Hornswoggle vs. El Torito pre-show match. Kofi says he wants to see a bald Hornswoggle. Booker wants to see Torito win. Mathews talks about The Shield vs. Evolution and we get a look back at the contract signing from RAW. Booker says The Shield isn’t backing down for one minute. We see Hornswoggle and 3MB backstage warming up before getting hype for Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena.

We get a video package on Stephanie McMahon and Daniel Bryan.

- We go back to the ring and out comes Stephanie McMahon to boos. She thanks everyone for the warm welcome. She says tonight is a historic night and asks if Daniel Bryan will do the ring thing – surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Title. She calls Bryan out to the ring. Bryan’s music hits to a big pop and out he comes with Brie Bella.

Stephanie says she’s glad Brie came out. She says Bryan has put he and his wife in an unfortunate predicament. She says one day if they might conceive some weird bearded babies, he needs to think of the example he’s setting right now. Stephanie asks if Bryan is going to do the right thing by his wife or be selfish. Bryan says he’s going to give Stephanie a chance to do the right thing also. A big CM Punk chant starts up. Stephanie says see, the fans want Bryan to quit just like CM Punk did. Stephanie says she’s tired of this, hand over the title or Brie gets fired. Bryan says he hopes Stephanie’s kids are watching so they can see their mother is a narcissistic, self-centered… Brie finishes it with “bitch!” and the crowd chants “yes!” again. Stephanie says she sees who has the real guts in the family now. Stephanie says Brie made a poor choice in a husband. Brie says she and Bryan both know what needs to be done. Bryan holds up his title and fans chant “no!” as he looks at it. Stephanie says Bryan needs to do right by them. Brie takes the mic and says she refuses to be a powerless victim. Brie says Stephanie doesn’t control her. Stephanie says she does because she works for her. Stephanie goes to take action on Brie but Brie quits. She yells it in Stephanie’s face. Brie slaps Stephanie. Stephanie leaves the ring in shock as fans boo her. Stephanie runs up the ramp as Bryan gets a “yes!” chant going.

- We get a look at John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

Last Man Standing Match: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Justin Roberts announces the rules for this match before Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family make their way out. The crowd pops and claps along with their theme. Bray walks around the ring and gets hyped as the dueling chants start up. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan look on as John Cena makes his way out to a mixed reaction.

The bell rings and here we go. The Wyatts surround the ring and look to be attacking Cena but WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos come out and even the odds. Things settle down and both teams watch from ringside. They start the match and Bray strikes early on. The dueling chants are in full effect. Bray drops Cena with a back elbow. Bray keeps control and taunts Cena as the referee counts. Cena turns it around. Cena goes for the STF but Bray counters and slams Cena hard. The referee counts again. Bray turns upside down in the corner as Cena works to his feet. Bray goes for Sister Abigail but Cena blocks it. Cena ducks a clothesline but Bray nails him in mid-air. Another count by the referee as The Usos cheer Cena on.

Bray decks Cena on the apron. The referee counts Cena as Bray taunts Lawler. Bray brings it back in and takes Cena up for a superplex. Cena fights back and headbutts Bray to the mat. Cena hits the top rope leg drop and the referee counts them both. Bray blocks an Attitude Adjustment and nails Sister Abigail. The referee starts counting again. Cena gets up and manages to hit an Attitude Adjustment. The ref counts again. Bray gets up but stands upside down. Rowan comes in and decks Cena but The Usos take him out. Harper comes in and clears them out. Harper is alone in the ring with Cena now. Harper runs the ropes and dives out, taking down Rowan and The Usos. Uso drops Harper and goes to the top for a corkscrew out onto everyone else. Cena turns around in the ring to a chair to the gut from Wyatt. Bray with a chair to the back now. The referee counts.

Bray with another chair shot to the back. Cena ends up on the floor and the referee counts again. Cena ducks a big chair shot and Wyatt hits the ring post. Cena grabs the chair and turns it around. Cena with a big chair shot to the back. Wyatt rolls back in the ring and the referee counts. Cena follows with another big chair shot to the back. Cena tosses the chair out of the ring and tells the referee to start counting. Cena goes under the ring and brings a table in. He sets it up and Wyatt decks him. Cena goes for the AA through the table but Wyatt counters and sends Cena crashing through the table with his own move.

Cena makes it back up. Bray brings part of the steel steps in the ring and runs over Cena with them. Bray steps up on the steps and plays maestro as the crowd sings “whole world in his hands.” Cena gets back to his feet but Wyatt kicks him in the head. Wyatt swings a chair but Cena moves and it hits the steps. Cena fights back and decks Bray in the head with the steps. Wyatt rolls to the floor. Cena grab the steps, run across the ring and launches the steps into Wyatt on the floor. Bray goes down hard and the crowd pops. The referee starts counting again. Bray makes it back to his feet. Cena leaps off the apron but Bray catches him and nails a Sister Abigail on the floor out of nowhere. Bray with a running knee to the gut. Wyatt goes down on the floor now as the referee counts. Cena goes to powerbomb Wyatt on the steps but Bray backdrops him onto them.

Bray runs and leaps off the steps, nailing a big splash on Cena on the floor. Cena barely makes it to his feet. More dueling chants. Wyatt follows and beats Cena around the ring. Cena blocks a chair shot and drops Bray with an AA on the floor. The referee starts counting. Harper and Rowan run back out and attack Cena. They rush to the floor and help Wyatt up before the 10 count. They go back in the ring and work over Cena some more. They take Cena back to the floor. The Usos run out and leap onto them from the ring. Jimmy Uso goes to leap back out but Harper puts a table up and Uso runs right into it head-first. Wyatt has apparently been down for 10 seconds but the referee has been distracted. Rowan and Harper set up tables at ringside. One of the Usos tries to stop them but gets dropped. Cena and Wyatt are both back up now. Rowan catches one of the Usos and goes for a fall-away slam. Uso lands on his feet and drops Rowan with a superkick to the face. Uso does the back splash into Rowan, sending him through a table leaned up in front of the barrier. Harper and Uso end up on the top now. Harper superplexes Uso from the top through a pair of tables on the floor. A big “holy shit” chant breaks out. Cena looks on shocked and turns his attention back to Wyatt.

Cena goes for the AA on the floor but they counter. Bray runs and sends them both crashing through the timekeeper’s area. They both get up at the 7 count. Bray and Cena fight out into the crowd now and towards the stage and production area. Bray tosses Cena over some production boxes and pyro on the stage goes off. Apparently he threw Cena into the pyro controls. Cena fights Bray back on top of a production case. Cena nails an AA from the top of one of the cases, sending Bray crash through another case. Cena tips a bigger production box on top of the one Bray crashed through. The referee counts and Bray apparently has no way to get up because the large production box is on top of him. Cena stands on top of it and gets the win.

Winner: John Cena

- After the win, Cena walks over to the stage and holds up his “never give up” sweatband. Cena runs back down to ringside and helps The Usos up and to the back. We go to replays. The Usos and Cena pose on the stage before going to the back.

WWE Divas Title Match: Alicia Fox vs. Paige

We come back from Network promos and out comes Alicia Fox to the ring. We see how she earned this title shot. WWE Divas Champion Paige is out next to a decent pop.

They lock up and go at it. Paige ends up on the floor but comes right back in. Paige with knees to the back. Paige with knees to the head now. Paige suplexes Alicia in from the apron and covers for a 2 count. Paige with more offense in the corner now. Alicia goes to the floor for a breather. Alicia trips Paige on the apron. Part of the crowd sings Adam Rose’s theme song. Paige messes with a few fans but Paige rams her back into the barrier. Paige goes for a move on the steps but Alicia tosses her off of them and into the barrier.

Alicia brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. She slams Paige’s face into the mat a few times. Alicia with a suplex into a pin for a 2 count. Alicia keeps control and nails a backbreaker. Alicia holds Paige over her knee and stretches her. Alicia goes no and tosses Paige back to the floor. Paige comes in and makes a comeback with clotheslines. Paige gets fired up but runs into a knee. Paige with a running back elbow. Paige brings Alicia back to the mat from the top. Paige gets the Scorpion Cross Lock applied for the win.

Winner: Paige

- After the match, Paige goes to ringside to celebrate as Alicia recovers in the ring. Fox sits up and starts throwing a fit. This one isn’t as bad as the others. She storms off to the back.

- We go back to the panel to discuss tonight’s show. Mathews leads us to a video for tonight’s main event.

No Holds Barred Elimination Match: The Shield vs. Evolution

We go to the ring and out first is Randy Orton, Batista and Triple H. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are out next through the crowd.

The bell rings and everyone starts brawling. Ambrose and Orton, Rollins and Triple H, Batista and Reigns. Reigns and Batista fight out to the floor. They tumble over the barrier and into the crowd. HHH decks Rollins in the ring. Orton and Ambrose are also in the crowd. Rollins sends HHH out to the floor. Rollins sends HHH over the barrier and now everyone is out in the crowd. Rollins leaps off the barrier and onto HHH, also knocking a fan back in his chair. Ambrose and Orton have brawled back in front of the announcers now.

Batista and Reigns have also fought back to ringside. Batista gets sent hard into the steps. Everyone makes it back onto the ring now. Reigns and Batista are the legal men. Rollins tags in for a bit of double teaming. Rollins keeps up the attack on Batista and beats him down in the corner. Batista counters and sends Rollins hard into the corner for a 2 count. Orton tags in and keeps control of Rollins. Rollins ducks a clothesline and nails a dropkick on Orton for 2. Ambrose tags in and they hit a double suplex on Orton. More double teaming on Orton. Ambrose with stomps to the mid-section. Ambrose with a submission now. Ambrose with a 2 count. Reigns tags in for some double teaming on Orton. Orton fights back and tags in Batista. Reigns runs over him with a clothesline. Reigns drops an elbow for a 2 count. Reigns with a headbutt now. Ambrose tags back in. Batista catches him with a big spinebuster for a 2 count.

HHH comes in and works over Ambrose. Ambrose counter and tags in Reigns to a big pop. Reigns and HHH stare each other down. They lock up and Reigns drops HHH with a big shoulder. HHH with a kick to the gut and some more shots. Reigns with a big back drop and another clothesline. Reigns works on HHH’s arm now. Ambrose tags back in and they keep HHH down. Ambrose with a shoulder thrust in the corner and another tag to Rollins. Rollins with a big splash on HHH. Rollins with a trios of suplexes for a 2 count. Ambrose comes back in for more double teaming on HHH. Ambrose with a nasty back splash in the corner and another 2 count on HHH. Ambrose comes off the top but HHH catches him. Batista tags in and sends Ambrose flying into the fan barrier. Batista stomps away on Ambrose on the floor. Batista drops Ambrose over the barrier and brings him back in the ring as a “Bootista” chant breaks out. Batista with a boot to the head. HHH comes over and they double team Ambrose on the apron. Batista with a 2 count. Orton tags back in and keeps Ambrose down. Ambrose fights back but Orton slams his head into the mat for a 2 count. Orton with stomps to the gut.

HHH tags back in and keeps up the attack on Ambrose until HHH gets sent over the top and lands hard on the floor. HHH comes back in and stops Ambrose from tagging. HHH with a jawbreaker. Ambrose fires right back with a big clothesline. Reigns and Batista come in. Reigns decks Orton and Batista. Reigns unloads on Batista and nails a big clothesline in the corner. Reigns takes out Orton and HHH. Reigns goes outside and runs around, nailing the apron dropkick to Batista’s head. Reigns with a Superman punch on Batista. Reigns covers but Orton breaks the pin at 2. A big brawl breaks out again. HHH and Ambrose go to the floor. Rollins follows. HHH sends Rollins into the barrier and over it, into the crowd. Ambrose also goes down. HHH and Rollins brawl into another tech/production area. Ambrose and Orton also fight into the crowd. Rollins leaps off a production case but HHH knocks him out of mid-air with a piece of sheet metal or something. At ringside, Reigns lays out Batista. Reigns takes apart the Spanish announce table but Orton hits him from behind. HHH sends Reigns into the steel steps. Orton continues taking apart the Spanish table. HHH takes apart the main announcers table. All of The Shield is down in various parts of the arena. Evolution takes Reigns at ringside and hits the triple powerbomb through the Spanish table.

Evolution poses at ringside and mocks The Shield. Ambrose runs over out of nowhere and takes them out. Rollins appears next and leaps onto them. Ambrose and Rollins beat Evolution down. Batista sends Rollins into the barrier and HHH sends Ambrose into the barrier. Evolution takes back control and beats Ambrose and Rollins up towards the entrance. Reigns is still down at ringside. HHH with steel chair shots for Ambrose and Rollins. Orton back drops Ambrose on top of a chair that’s been set up. HHH drops a chair flat on the ground and drops Rollins on top of it with a Pedigree. We see Reigns has rolled back into the ring. Evolution sees this and head back to the ring to surround him. Batista enters while Orton and HHH watch from the apron. Batista nails a spinebuster on Reigns. Orton stomps him. Orton and HHH rip Reigns’ vest off as Batista brings part of the steel steps in. Orton slides some kendo sticks in. HHH slams Reigns’ face into the steps. Another shot from Orton. HHH holds Reigns down over the steps as Orton and Batista beat him over the back with kendo sticks. HHH gets in some shots also. They whip Reigns repeatedly in the back with kendo sticks. Fans boo Evolution. Orton brings another chair in. Reigns with a Superman punch on Orton but he gets beat right back down. More chair shots for Reigns as he rolls back out of the ring.

HHH beats Reigns up to the entrance with a chair. Ambrose attacks Evolution but they beat him down. Orton drops Ambrose on the concrete with a draping DDT from a piece of the set. Suddenly we see Rollins up on top of the set. He leaps down and splashes onto Evolution and Reigns, taking them all out. Rollins crawls back to the ring as Evolution follows, also crawling. Batista hits the ring and runs into a big boot. Reigns comes off the second rope but Batista spears him in mid-air. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb but Rollins counters onto his feet. Reigns comes in and spears Batista. Rollins covers for the pin. Batista is eliminated.

Fans sing “goodbye” to Batista. Orton drops Rollins with a RKO but Reigns breaks the pin at 2. Orton goes for a draping DDT on Reigns but Ambrose stops it with a steel chair to the back. Ambrose drops Orton onto a chair with Dirty Deeds for the pin. Orton is eliminated.

HHH hits a low blow on Ambrose. Reigns nails a Superman punch on HHH, breaking up a Pedigree attempt. Batista comes back in and spears Reigns. Fans boo this. We see Orton slide a sledgehammer to Triple H. HHH decks Ambrose with the sledgehammer. HHH waits but Rollins leaps off the top and staggers him. Reigns nails a spear on HHH for the win.

Winners: The Shield

- After the match, The Shield works to get to their feet but are struggling. We go to replays. Reigns puts his boot on Triple H’s chest and The Shield stands over him as Payback goes off the air.

* Batista is getting clowned *

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So proud of the babies slaying ! and thank you Triple H for stripping Roman down <3 <3