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Twitter troll must not contact Chris Martin and Rachel Riley

A man has been ordered not to contact Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Countdown presenter Rachel Riley after sending hundreds [more than 500] of abusive tweets.

Anthony Wells, of Chelmsford, Essex, admitted tweeting Riley death threats and harassing her for seven months, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

It said Martin chose not to pursue charges after the plea against Riley.

The restraining order means he cannot make any contact with the celebrities for five years.

Basildon Crown Court also sentenced Wells to a hospital order under the Mental Health Act.

Prosecutor Punam Malhan, said: "Mr Martin indicated that a plea to the charge involving Ms Riley would be acceptable to ensure that Mr Wells gets the medical help he needs and that he was content for us to not proceed in relation to the remaining charge.

"Taking Mr Martin's view into account, we decided it was no longer in the public interest to continue with the second charge of harassment.

"Everyone should be able to go about their daily lives free from harassment caused by someone deliberately making offensive, violent messages about them on social media."

[Abusive tweets (click to open)]
Anthony Wells, 31, sent the Countdown beauty more than 500 messages on Twitter – some of which threatened her life.

One haunting message said: "Please someone execute this fiend of nature."

During the eight months of abuse, Wells also posted a link to a blog where he wrote songs about Rachel.

One, entitled God Left Her Alone (A Ode To The Dead Girl Rachel), read: "I hope you die forever, I hope you cry forever, I hope you die now.

"I hope your eyes bleed and your skin dries and your dream dies. Dedicated to Rachel Annabelle Riley."

Wells also targeted Coldplay frontman Chris Martin on Twitter and YouTube for a gruelling seven-month period, Basildon Crown Court in Essex was told.

It was alleged he had aimed a tweet at Gwyneth Paltrow's ex hubby which said: "Hey Chris Martin, keep touching me and I'm going to blow your children's heads off with guns."

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