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Harry Styles on the Prowl on Tinder

Some are saying that the Tinder talent is drying up, but those doubts were quashed yesterday when I matched with Harry Styles.

1D were in Newcastle to play a gig, but it looks like cheeky chappy Harry had more than singing on his mind. At approximately 11am, I came across a profile that belongs to Harry Styles. I swiped right and there it was – a match.

The profile put the heartthrob just two kilometres away from my house, and featured three intimate snaps as well as the bio “All over the place”.

My preferences, like many others, are set to a 2km radius, and let me browse through 20-26 year old men.

I experienced a roller coaster of emotions. First came the excitement – Harry Styles has matched with me on Tinder. Sure, I was sceptical – maybe it was a joker or a promo gag. Then came shame – I’m not even really a One Direction fan. Back to excitement as I remember that it is Harry Styles. Everything added up.

And it looks like the 20-year-old was lining up potential matches well in advance. According to the profile, the star was last active hours before his gig, at 10.30am.

But Harry was either shy or playing hard to get – my message asking what he was up to last night still awaits a response.

The squeaky clean band were playing at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland  as part of their world tour, but Harry’s profile put him within reach of my Jesmond bedroom.

It’s unclear exactly where Harry was Tindering from, but undoubtedly it was a plush Newcastle hotel, far from the dirty streets of Gateshead.

The shaggy-haired lothario was even spotted hitting the shops in Newcastle city centre on Tuesday afternoon ahead of the concert, according to some Twitter users.

Unsurprisingly, fellow female Tinderers were keen to get in on the action. I passed on my preferences, but there was no news of any more matches.

So where was he looking to meet his matches? Last time Styles was in Newcastle he was papped in popular nightclub Perdu.

This time there was talk of an appearance at Tup Tup, but as of yet there’s been no sighting of Harry and Co out on the town.


I agree Nick. Have any of you had luck on tinder?

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