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Rob Kardashian Nearly Hits Paparazzi outside L.A. Gym


Rob Kardashian plowed his SUV through a crowd of aggressive paparazzi -- none of whom work for TMZ -- as he exited an L.A. gym Thursday ... and you could clearly hear his car make contact with at least one of the shooters.

The situation was a mess from the beginning -- the photogs were gathered right in front of the exit driveway and forced Rob to make a decision ... stop and be shot ... or GO. GO. GO.

He went with Option 2.

The photogs refused to move at first, playing a game of chicken with the SUV -- only getting out of the way when it was clear Rob had no intentions of slowing down. Still, they hammered Rob with questions about Kim's wedding and his weight issues.

Eventually, Rob made it through the swarm and drove off without saying a word. So far, we haven't heard of anyone complaining of injuries.


As Rob was leaving the gym yesterday (May 29, 2014) he reportedly plowed his SUV through a crowd of aggressive paparazzi.

He seemingly had no choice as a herd of photographers gathered in front of the driveway exiting the gym. So rather than sit in his car waiting for the paparazzi to get all of their shots in, Rob decided to drive off.

TMZ is claiming that his SUV made contact with at least one of the paps, but no one complained of any injuries. I'm guessing he didn't exit the garage at 50 mph.

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