A Definitive Guide to spotting Sebastian Stan vs. his stunt double

Well first is that the stunt double clearly has more swagger. Look at him wearing the shit out of that belt while Sebastian's all, "I'M WEARING MINE AROUND MY WAIST, FUDDLE DUDDLE DUDDLE." Lame.

Sebastian's body's is a V : large and massive shoulders/chest, wasp waist :) Let's say Sebastian is a triangle.

No waist, this man is built like a rectangle, this man is not Sebastian :

You may also notice his swagger belt. Just saying.

But, this man is clearly a triangle, this man is Sebastian :

You can also tell because he has Sebastian's face

Sebastian...(wouaaah) ?

...What do you think ?

Got you ah ah, he has no waist, you're actualy watching this man:

It's very clear with this gif : the first man is triangle-Sebastian, the second one is Rectangle-Double (and Rectangle Double has a name : James Young)

Ummmm, can we discuss who thought giving stunt men names was a good idea?

PLUS : Sebastian's back is....a ? (no, not a question, a ? :D :D), you see that? Ok.

Seb might want to consider getting that scoliosis checked out.

Sebastian's got a visible expression wrinkle on his forehead. Those kind of things they don't disappear. A high quality picture (important) with no wrinkle means you're not staring at Sebastian.

You see it ?

the winter soldier wearing a mask, of course, is Sebastian, we can clearly see his wrinkle and the ? of his back ^_^

Additionally, you can tell the masked man is Sebastian because the unmasked man ISN'T SEBASTIAN.

Massive arms, massive chest, waist, wrinkle : this is Sebastian too

I'd be pretty fucking pissed if they used my stunt double for a promo poster.

Scarlett is trying to strungle...Sebastian (triangle, wrinkle!)

I would strungle the shit out of Sebastian Stan.

For the entire list, including an in-depth discussion of Sebastian Stan's veins and long, falling eyebrows, please visit The Source .



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