5 (10) Taylor Swift Songs You Haven’t Heard (But Should)

Here's a list of bonus tracks from Taylor Swift's albums that are just as powerful and catchy as her hit singles.

9. I'm Only Me When I'm With You
A simple song about a small-town girl being herself with her guy by her side in a crazy world. Fun and completely relatable.

8. State of Grace (Acoustic)
The original version of this song appears as the first track on Swifty's most recent album, Red. It's got a very drive-with-the-top-down feel (always with the wind in your hair, of course). This acoustic version brings a much different feel to the song, however -- more of a sweet love ballad. Consider the lyrics, "this is a state of grace/this is a worthwhile fight/love is a ruthless game/unless you play it good and right."

6. The Moment I Knew
The only explanation I have for this not making it onto the main part of "Red" is that Taylor didn't want another Dear John/John Mayer situation on her hands. This song is a gut-wrenching tale about Swift's main squeeze ditching her 21st birthday party. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who these lyrics are about: "It was like slow motion/standing there in my party dress/in red lipstick/with no one to impress."

5. Girl At Home
This one borders on being almost too repetitive, but I find myself turning it up and bouncing along every time it comes on. Basically, some guy who's in a relationship is trying to pick up Swift and she's not having any of it. Girl power! "Don't look at me/you got a girl at home/and everybody knows that/everybody knows that."

1. Come Back, Be Here
Falling in love has never been so cruel as in "Come Back, Be Here," which details a new love ripped away due to career obligations. Taylor's no stranger to dating actors or musicians, so something tells me this one hits pretty close to home. "This is falling in love in the cruelest way/This is falling in love when you are worlds away."