Actors and Actresses of drama television gather up for Variety Studio !

The event is taking place this week as we lead up to the Emmy nominations coming up very soon!

The ladies are all leading actresses on some of today’s top television shows –Katey on Sons of Anarchy, Diane on The Bridge, Lizzy on Masters of Sex, Connie on Nashville, Mireille on The Killing, and Megan on The Blacklist.

The ladies are all supporting actresses on some of television’s top drama series – Molly appears on House of Cards, Anna starred on the beloved series Breaking Bad, Christina is a star of Mad Men, Lena plays Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, Bellamy is the super fierce Mellie Grant on Scandal, and Michelle appeared on the first season of True Detective.

The guys were all there to talk about their leading roles on some of the hit television shows – Travis on Vikings,Kevin on The Following, Hugh on Hannibal, Demian on The Bridge, and Matthew on The Americans.