TV #tbt: Gilmore Girls Edition

Jon Hamm:

Long before Jon Hamm became Don Draper, he was a mostly unknown guest star on a variety of TV shows, including "Ally McBeal," "Charmed," and "CSI: Miami." But one of his most memorable spots was as Lorelai's potential love interest on a Season 3 episode of "Gilmore Girls."

So it's only fitting that in honor of this Sunday's upcoming "Mad Men" Season 7A conclusion we take it back to the show's leading man and one of his gigs, circa 2002. Please enjoy Hamm's turn as Peyton Sanders, a wealthy bore who likes fine wines and picking up women at auctions:

Nick Offerman:

Jackson’s brother Beau Belleville makes two appearances. The first gives us an early glimpse of classic Swanson grumpiness. By his second visit he seems to be under the influence of Tammy 2.

Max Greenfield:

Before he was Schmidt, or even Leo, Max Greenfield attended Dean’s bachelor party which came to an abrupt end at Luke’s diner.

“Hey, my name’s Luke, too. We should start a club or something.”

Chad Michael Murray:

Before leaving the show to play Charlie on Dawson's Creek, Chad Michael Murray got his start as Tristan, an annoying yet lovable class mate with an eye for Rory.

Seth MacFarlane:

Seth McFarlane actually appeared in two episodes as two different characters. First as Zach, Lorelai’s judgmental fellow graduate from community college.He came back in the next season to voice a message on Lorelai’s answering machine from her mother’s lawyer. Even if you don’t recognize his face there’s no mistaking that voice.

Adam Brody:

For two seasons, Adam played the role of Dave Rygalski, a band member and love interest of Rory's best friend, Lane Kim. He left the role to play Seth Cohen on The O.C.

Danny Pudi:

Before he was a socially awkward student at Greendale Community College, he attended Yale as Raj and worked on the Yale Daily News during Rory’s stint as editor. Just look how far his fictional education has fallen. I blame the fictional economy.

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