Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Gabriel Orozco To Buy 'Playa del Amor' From 'Y Tu Mamá También'

In early May, a rumor spread that the Playa Roca Blanca, located in the municipality of Villa de Melchor de Ocampo Tututepec, would be acquired by foreign entrepreneurs. In response, residents protested because they feared eviction from their businesses located on the coastal strip. "The federal government does not even come to see how we are living here, but yes, now that they've sold the little beach, now we're in your way, and we're not wanted here, we are sent to hell ," a woman who sells seafood told SDP noticias.

However, the beach was not sold to foreign businessmen but actors Gael García, Diego Luna, the artist Gabriel Orozco and businesswoman Gabriela Chamber have acquired the beautiful Oaxacan beach. According to Noticias Net, the artists plan to offer an international press conference to deny the alleged rumor that it was sold to foreigners who want to privatize services and use the beach. The beach rose to fame after it was featured in "Y Tu Mamá También," starring the aforementioned actors.

The legal representative of these artists, Roberto Mendoza Peña, denied that those beaches were sold to foreigners in order to privatize the area surrounding the coastline. The housing complex, " Fractionamiento Playa del Amor" was reportedly intended to build housing exclusively for the artists who acquired the land in 2004 and 2005 after having filmed the movie "Y Tu Mamá También." Residents have been up in arms ever since, however, it seems that the land is not going to be privatized after all.