17-Year-Old Lazio Player Not 42, Just Has Lorde Disease

The guy in the photo above is 17-year-old Cameroonian soccer player Joseph Minala, currently playing for Lazio's youth team. As you'll note, he, well, doesn't look 17. A couple of months ago, a Senegalese website went so far as to claim that he was in fact 41, and had altered his passport.

The Italian FA has looked into the situation, though, and confirms that despite looking like the grandfather of Lorde's grandchildren, Minala is actually 17.

A statement released by the Italian association on Wednesday confirmed that Minala has been cleared and is now free to resume his career. 'The federal prosecutor has examined the report and ordered the investigation to be closed,' the statement read. 'There are no doubts about his age. He is 17.'

Minala came in for abuse on social networking sites after releasing a picture showing him looking much older than his teenage years. He has had to block photos on his Instagram account and delete his Facebook profile because of the abuse he got over the pictures.

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