Tila Tequila Lashes Out In Racist Message To Baby Daddy

Tila Tequila allegedly lashed out at her baby daddy for his daughter’s dating life in a racist text message exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com, in which she uses the n-word and tells him he needs to “break the cycle.”

During a conversation with Thomas Paxton Whitaker on April 28, the mother-to-be used the derogatory slur in an attempt at parenting advice, but it falls nothing short of prejudice and discrimination.

“Your daughter Briana is dating a n***er…why is this so prevalent in your family?” Tila writes.

“I worry for Shem baby to be around that ruckus. Need to break the cycle.”

When reached by Radar for comment, Tila claimed her cell phone was hacked and that she never sent any such messages.

“That is false information,” she told Radar.

In an exclusive interview with Radar, Whitaker previously revealed although pregnant with his child, he and Tila are no longer together.

“I was trying to remain cordial without adding to her already notorious past, and now I am now experiencing the fallout from my generosity,” he told Radar.

In another text message from the same day, Tila tells Whitaker to have his children stop contacting her — a far cry from previous messages she posted on social media bragging about her “step-daughter.”

“If you’re gonna talk crapp about me in the media all day, you might wanna also tell your children to stop contacting me and calling me mommy,” Tila wrote.

As Radar previously reported, Tila is due with her first child in November.

“If the media could only the hear the kinds of comments Miss Nguyen makes about them as individuals behind closed doors,” he said.

“I doubt she would ever get a drop of news coverage again for the rest of her days, but then Hollywood is a lot about deception and manipulation…isn’t it?”

Tila’s alleged racist message comes on the heels of a racist bombshell within the Los Angeles Clippers organization, when audio leaked of owner Donald Sterling telling his alleged mistress to delete all the African American men from her Instagram account.

Fueling the fire, Sterling waited more than two weeks to speak out publicly and then when he did, he bashed Magic Johnson, saying the legendary baller “should be ashamed” of his AIDS and said “he doesn’t do anything” for “the black people.”

Racism wouldn’t be a far cry for Tila, who riddled her Facebook page last Dec. with messages supporting Adolf Hitler — even going so far as to say she is the leader of the Nazi Party reincarnated!