Kingye For Mayor Of Chicago?

He has incentivize religon, now politics, whats next? Maybe another Yeezus?..

Just when you thought you’d hear enough about Kanye West, You were wrong. Imagine getting married in Paris, going on a honey moon in Ireland and being encouraged to run for Mayor of your hometown city all in less than 9 days. Well, Kanye doesn’t have to because that is his reality. Artist and writer Ben Shepard has set up a website inspiring Ye to run for Mayor of Chicago. The website is simply named Kanye4Mayor and it explains how, who, and why the artist feels as though it should be a good idea. For example, his words in the open letter as to why was:

“I don’t like the direction that the city is heading in and think that an internally diverse, multi-pronged social movement lead by a charismatic and problematic leader is the best way to ahead another direction. Kanye West is the best such leader I can think of, so that’s why I made this website and am organizing this show.”

Shepard has been displeased with the current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, who he describes as ”a servant of a very narrow elite who exerts massive public relations energy to disguise this fact”.

Although he’s aware that the turn around for the city would take a long time, he’s willing for the cause because of his belief in Kanye’s role as a mayor and what the future may hold after things gets better.

“Under your administration [mayor] would mean a combination of role model, consultant, and design chief,” Shepard writes. “It would probably take 8 years to get all this work done but just think what would be possible after.”

He filled the site with plenty of suggestions for how the rapper would handle issues that are going on now like transportation and crime.While he’s enjoying his honeymoon, we hope Kanye could at least acknowledge Shepard’s effort because he’s also organizing an art show around it.

what kind of gospel?