Steve Perry makes his first stage appearance in almost 20 years

Steve Perry, one of the most elusive frontmen in rock, hasn't performed with Journey since 1991, or performed solo concerts since 1995. [OP note: Journey released an album with him in 1996, but never toured] But don't stop believin', Perry fans. The rock icon finally returned to the stage Sunday night… to join indie-rock band the Eels at the 1,000-capacity Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minn.

Perry showed up at first to sing the Eels' 2000 cult hit "It's a Motherf---er," his voice instantly recognizable and sounding surprisingly strong considering his well-publicized health problems (ongoing arthritis, hip-replacement surgery in 1998, two melanoma-removal surgeries in 2013). Joked Eels leader Mark Everett upon hearing the Fitzgerald audience's thunderous response: "They don't applaud like that for me! I guess I gotta disappear for 25 years!"


He ducked the high notes, but he sounds pretty good after such a long break!