Edgar Wright breaks Ant-Man silence with cryptic "selfie"

We may never know all of the details behind last week’s shocking news that Edgar Wright has parted ways with Marvel Studios and is handing over his baby (Ant-Man) to someone else, but we do know it’s not a very happy scenario. Wright felt the need the step way from the project at the very last minute, after more than a decade of being involved, and it’s simply because he wasn’t allowed to make the movie he wanted to make.

Edgar Wright broke his silence last night for the first time since Marvel made the split official, tweeting an edited photo along with the message “selfie” which speaks volumes towards his feelings and thoughts on the situation.
[Update: He has since deleted the tweet.]

Selfie. pic.twitter.com/68hKXKrIv7
— edgarwright (@edgarwright) May 25, 2014

The edited photo is of actor Buster Keaton (featuring a Cornetto ice cream cone, referencing Wright's 'Cornetto trilogy' of films) who in 1928 made the self-described “worst mistake of [his] career” by leaving independent film to join MGM. Wright is essentially comparing this to joining Marvel, implying that forfeiting his creative freedom to join big studio Marvel could have been equally as bad for him. And so, back to more original works for Wright. Up for another Simon Pegg and Nick Frost comedy after The World’s End?