Carlos Acosta: I'm retiring from ballet


Carlos Acosta has announced that he will retire from classical ballet with a "swan song" production of Carmen.

Acosta, the world-renowned dancer, said he would make his final appearance in classical ballet in two years' time.
In September 2015, he will choreograph and star in an entirely new production of Carmen to Bizet's music for the Royal Ballet. At the end of the 2015/16 season he plans to retire from classical ballet – though he will continue to perform in more contemporary works.
Speaking at the Hay Festival, he said he had been "grieving" for the end of his career for some time, and joked that he would have to employ a choreographer to devise a dance for him sitting down.

Acosta, who has recently turned 40, also shared his thoughts on a new generation of ballet dancers, saying that an increasing number took up the discipline for money and fame rather than passion.
The Cuban dancer has hinted that he was approaching retirement for a couple of years, but he remains one of the leading lights of ballet across the globe.
He is widely considered among the most charismatic and dramatic of performers, receiving critical acclaim and selling out theatres wherever he performs.

Speaking on stage at Hay, in an interview with Telegraph arts editor-in-chief Sarah Crompton, Acosta has now confirmed his career as a classical ballet dancer is coming to an end.
"Two more years in classical," he told the audience. "Next two seasons will be the final seasons.
"I will make a creation with the Royal Ballet, Carmen, and that will be my swan song.
"Then I probably will carry on doing some contemporary works. And then maybe I will employ a choreographer to choreography me sitting down".


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