'Outlander's' Tobias Menzies Talks Fan Reaction

"Rome” alum Tobias Menzies takes on the dual role of Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall in Starz’s “Outlander” series, premiering this August.

Although the actor isn’t Tweeting away about his experiences, he has managed to speak to some fans who are eagerly awaiting the debut of show (based on Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling book series).

“[They] just get very excited… especially about the idea that it’s finally going to be rendered on film,” Tobias said when we sat down with the English actor, after Starz flew AccessHollywood.com to the set, where they made us their guests.

“And, I think the main thing is that they just feel so passionate about the characters and they want to be reassured that we’re all sort of… [going to] do it properly and do it justice and not sort of betray the characters and the story and the world that they obviously sort of imagined so clearly for themselves.”

In the series, Tobias plays Frank Randall, the husband of Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe).

Frank and Claire go off to Scotland together to reconnect after their respective roles in WWII kept them apart. While on the getaway, Claire mysterious falls through a standing stone formation and right into the middle of a Scottish-English conflict in 1743. In that time period, Tobias takes on another role – that of Frank’s ancestor, Black Jack Randall, a captain of the red coats.

“Outlander” fans have already shared their enthusiasm for the show online and at fan events featuring cast members, including Sam Heughan (who is playing Highlander Jamie Fraser) and Caitriona. During Access’ visit to the set, Tobias explained what’s kept him from joining the “fray.”

“I’ve actually been sort of avoiding the whole thing, ‘cause I haven’t been on Twitter, and I know it’s going on, but I haven’t quite stepped into the fray. I’m a little nervous to be honest, because I’m sure they have such clear ideas in their own minds about who these people are and even how they sound, how they look,” he said. “And so the sense of responsibility about sort of fulfilling their dreams about it is — if I think about it too much, it doesn’t help.”

“Outlander” premieres August 9 at 9 PM ET/PT on Starz.


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