Gemma Arterton talks female roles

Gemma Arterton has complained that she gets "boring" scripts because she is a woman.

The former Bond girl said that she signed up for a musical adaptation of Made In Dagenham because it offered her an unusually meaty female role.

Gemma will take to the London stage to star in the show, about the Ford sewing machinists' strike of 1968 in which they demanded equal pay for women.

"That's a good story for a woman to tell, because a lot of the time it's quite boring when you read scripts - it's always the same old s***, you know, girlfriend or victim or whatever," she told Radio Times magazine.

"You are looking for something that's got a bit more balls to it, and a good story for women."

But the Tamara Drewe actress said she was worried about the pressure to get a full house for the show.

"We've got to sell it out. I'm like, 'How are we gonna sell out, with all these musicals that are closing, when the tickets are so expensive, and the theatres are so big?'

"I'm not that famous... It's not like they've got Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman. I'm sure people will see my name on the poster and they'll say, 'Who's that?'."