Watch Helena channel her sestras in this sneak peek of tonight's Orphan Black episode

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Step aside, ladies—it's time for a new clone to get a little lovin'!

We all know that Orphan Black is the master at hot and steamy hookups. (Did everyone see Rachel and Hot Paul's window scene, last week?! Yum.) However, now our genetically gifted series is letting a new seestra get in on the action—and they've recruited one of TV's biggest hunks as her love interest!

Suits star Patrick J. Adams is making a special guest appearance in this Saturday's all-new episode and he's got the hots for our favorite deadly blonde, Helena (Tatiana Maslany). To make matters even more perfect, Helena's "vacation" romance is fueled with enough alcohol to keep an entire fraternity inebriated. (Translation: Our Ukrainian can drink.)

Patrick J. Adams on his Orphan Black role

“I managed to tweet my way into employment on [‘Orphan Black’]. I had been watching the show and falling in love with it and started tweeting, thinking no one would pay attention—and I ended up getting a response! They tried a couple of times to match something up, but the timing wasn’t right. And then while I was shooting [‘Car Dogs’] in Arizona, they called and said, ‘There’s this one part and it’s only one day but we think it’ll be really fun.’ And I didn’t think it would work out but then I found out what the part was and I said, ‘Aw screw it, I’m going back to Toronto.’

“There’s so many things that go into being a new actor on a show. No matter how successful you are, it’s like the first day of school. And I walked onto that set and I felt something I hadn’t really felt for years, and I got to work with [Tatiana Maslany] who I think is the biggest talent on television by far. When you get face to face with the nuances and see how someone gets to what they need to do, as an actor it left me speechless. I was a fanboy going crazy.”


Excited for tonight's episode!