Patrick Stewart talks to Stephen Colbert about Harry Potter, flying coach and time travel

patrick stewart

On Harry Potter

Stephen: Did you go to Hogwarts?

Patrick Stewart: No. It is painful you should bring that up, you know. Because, I mean, Ian McKellen and myself, wouldn't you think that we were shoo–ins for the Harry Potter movie? Not one phone call.

On flying coach

Promoting “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” Stewart told Stephen Colbert that he received an upgrade on British Airlines just after he was knighted.

“That means you booked a flight for yourself in coach,” Colbert said on Thursday's “Colbert Report. “I respect that more than anything else you've said here tonight. That's true courage, my friend.”

Stewart said he had populist motivations.

“I like — and this will represent to you where I stand politically –I like to be close to the people,” he said. “I don't believe in privilege. I don't believe in hierarchies.”

On being knighted

The man who plays Professor X read Colbert's mind: Then why accept a knighthood?

“I accepted a knighthood on behalf of the people,” Stewart volunteered.

On travelling back in time

With time travel being the the major theme of “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, Colbert asked Sir Patrick Stewart what he would say to his younger self (who was a prefect and head boy at school) if he could travel back in time.

Stewart replied: “Cheer the fuck up!”.

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