DWA Pushes Back 'Home' But Bumps Up 'Penguins of Madagascar'

Back in March, when the DreamWorks Animation adaptation Mr. Peabody & Sherman hit theaters, it was accompanied by a short film called Almost Home, which introduced us to the aliens that we would be following in the feature film Home.
At the time, the film featuring the voices of Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Jim Parsons was slated for release on November 26th, 2014.
However, since Mr. Peabody & Sherman somewhat underperformed at the box office, it looks like DWA is anxious to raise their bottom line, so they're going to release their spin-off The Penguins of Madagascar on that date instead.
So now Home will be given the spring release of March 27th, 2015 that was originally meant for The Penguins of Madagascar. Captain Smek, leader of Boov, addressed the move of his story to spring, "We are very pleased to let Earth's most powerful penguins save the world before we invade it. Your planet will still be there in the spring – and this way, we don't have to buy any of you earthlings Christmas gifts."

That actually sounds like something Steve Martin would say, so kudos to the press release office for making this seemingly boring announcement seem fun.
Meanwhile, the penguins also made a statement, "As top-secret spies, we rarely send press releases. But yeah, we've been asked to save the world this Thanksgiving. Just once, can't a madman try to wreak havoc on a weekday between 9 and 5?"

As you might have guessed, the penguins get involved in some kind of mission to save the world from a cunning mad man. Benedict Cumberbatch and John Malkovich are already attached to voice characters in the film, but that's all we know for now. With the release date bumped up, we'll likely get a teaser trailer this summer when How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits theaters. Cool?

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Bummer. But now it won't compete with BH6 so.