Margaret Cho wonders why more men don't come out as bisexual

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It was a showbiz rarity when director-producer Bryan Singer came out as bisexual in an interview published last week. It's the kind of public disclosure that bisexual comedienne Margaret Cho tells Gay Star News she would like to see more of.

'I want to see more bisexual men coming out. I know that they are out there, I know they exist.'

Cho, who just finished a long run on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva can't figure out why it seems so difficult for men to acknowledge that they also sleep with men.

'It's a lot harder for the men to feel like they have that freedom and I don't know what it is - this kind of phobia is in place that keeps them from being able to identify as bisexual as readily as women are. That is always something that I will be curious about, why it's so hard for men in that regard.'

Cho is married to a man and has talked about being bisexual and having an open marriage in her stand-up routines and on talk shows.

'I've always been really comfortable talking about bisexuality because people are curious about it,' she says.

'People think there's gay or straight, they can't think that there's differences and in between there, there's different shades of gray,' she adds. 'For me, that's just the truth of my existence and the needle just shifts as I grow older.'

any bisexual males on ONTD? "demisexuals, omnisexuals, etc."? lmao