‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap: season 3, episode 4

Daddy’s a dumb dumb.

That’s what Rasheeda told her son, the boy she and Kirk created.

And she has good reason.

Kirk, our least favorite Peanut M&M, is relieved that the baby is his, having already done a DNA test behind Rasheeda’s back So he thinks the best thing to do for his wife is find a nanny for the baby so she can get to work. (Why bother Rasheeda’s annoying mom to handle those duties?)

Instead of talking with Rasheeda about finding a nanny, he decides to do so on his own. And rather than go through an agency or even Craigslist, he finds a much better way. He’s hanging out at a sports bar with Benzino and enjoys the company of Jasmine, a pretty young lady who serves drinks there. Clearly, she is eminently qualified to be a nanny.

So he offers Jasmine a job. She is suitably skeptical, noting he is not wearing a ring. He has an easy explanation: he and Rasheeda are separated and just living n the same house out of convenience to “coparent” the child.

He invites Jasmine to come over and meet their child – again, without informing Rasheeda. To idiotic Kirk, this is a gift for Rasheeda. He  figures she is going to be deeply grateful of Kirk’s nanny choice. Right. Right?

Um… no.

Rasheeda arrives home to find this attractive woman holding her infant son.

Shockingly, when she finds out who Jasmine is and what happened, she is a wee bit peeved. “I’m going to tell you this now,” she said, seething. “You need to get that bitch to see the g***d**** door…. Give me MY child.”

She also finds out that he told Jasmine they are “separated.”

If Kirk thinks this was a way to get under Rasheeda’s good graces and maybe get back in the bedroom, he is grossly wrong

“I want to slap the **** out of you,” she said. “You don’t just bring some random chick at a bar hanging with your homebodies coming to my home. That is not happening.”

But she holds her fire.

If this is simply a fake storyline created by the producers, I would think Kirk would have to be compensated quite a bit to look this stupid. He must know this will simply inspire yet more hatred from the viewers after his cheating incident last season.


Stevie J
pushes back the official wedding with Joseline. (They had supposedly gotten married at the courthouse last July.) Why? He wants them to make more $$$ so they can pay for an extravagant wedding she deserves.

Joseline is surprisingly down with that. She says they’re already married so who cares?

But her “manager” and “friend” Dawn is not booking enough gigs so she fired her  the passive aggressive way – by not talking to her.

“Word on the street is I’m fired,” Dawn says so she goes to Mimi.

“They are unloyal people,” she tells Mimi, making up a word that to most human beings means “disloyal.” So she feels like “stooping to their level” and informing Mimi of some of their secrets.

The big one that Mimi herself thought is probably true: Stevie J and Joseline are not (gasp!) really married. “There it is,” Mimi says, with more than a bit of satisfaction. “I said from beginning this marriage is a fraud.”

Dawn even goes to Stevie J to inform him that she is spreading their secrets around. He acts like it’s no big deal.  She also says his “white house” is rented. Again, he barely blinks.

Clearly, this story line is going to get turned up, as they say, in future episodes. And we get a break this week from Mimi’s sex tape shenanigans with Nikko off the radar.


Scrappy‘s girl Bambi miscarries. “Even though I’m in love with her, I do love her,” he says, parsing the word “love” in a way that is not uncommon among men trying to justify why they are with someone they probably shouldn’t be. Mama Dee, who has had a miscarriage herself in the past, makes Bambi soup and Bambi is happy about this because when is Mama Dee ever nice to her son’s boyfriends?


Waka Flocka and his beau Tammy Rivera are committed to getting married. And Tammy and Waka’s mom are getting along famously.


It’s been awhile since “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has featured a knock-out, drag-out fight.

So welcome Khadiya.

Karlie is a naturally suspicious, jealous woman. And for good reason. She is dating Yung Joc. She had him all in a tizzy last week when singer Jeremiah was all up in her personal space at the recording studio when Yung Joc strolled in. He and she were planning to move in together. But this little studio interaction made him mad. He has ignored her calls for several days.

Finally, he relents and she meets him to explain she just wanted to make him jealous. After she promises some sweet lovin’, he says, okay. The relationship and “move in” intentions are back on.

But maybe not. He brings Karlie to a lovely home owned (supposedly) by this lady Khadiya.

Karlie recognizes her as Yung Joc’s hair person and driver. She is also his realtor? Khadiya calmly says she wears “many professional hats.”

Karlie senses something isn’t right and asks her straight out: “Are you f****** him? I know my man gets around. So do you!”

Khadiya, a woman with a perpetual Cheshire Cat smirk, takes Karlie’s questioning without changing her facial expression. “The only person I get around is your man. I absolutely am.”

“Every night!”

Karlie readily attacks Khadiya and the hour is up.


The fight between Khadiyah and Karlie continues next Sunday. Mimi tells Benzino that Stevie J/Joseline’s marriage is a lie. Benzino is annoyed getting stuck  in the middle. Scrappy meets up with that other Erica and at the Zino & Sleazy lounge opener I attended, Erica and Bambi go at it.


The show for its third episode last week drew 3.2 million and a 1.7 rating 18-49 rating, down from the 3.76 million opener (1.9 18-49) but up from the Wednesday episode (2.4 million viewers). That’s comparable to last season’s third episode with 3.06 million and a 1.7 rating.