What's your favorite pond creature been up to?

A few sightings of your my favorite Moai person Benedict Cumberbatch this week: at the Chelsea Flower Show with his mother the actress Wanda Ventham, at Peter O’Toole's Memorial celebration, and at the birthday party of Finsbury Park theatre (foregoing the BAFTA for this).

Chelsea flower show

Benedict in pink, because mum got the blue all for herself, being nice to flowers and plants and mommy.

Source: BBC America

The jewel we got from this: young Cumberbatch among the flowers.

Gossip (from the IMDB board): one of the journalists at the event declares that Ben was rude to her, pretending not to hear her questions and not acknowledging her at all. Now, the thing is, she's the author of one of the articles that bothered him in the past. Maybe he recognized her and wanted nothing to do with her? Did this really happen or what? If you love some drama with your flower pots, you can read her twits about the matter starting from here.

Peter O’Toole‘s Memorial celebration

Benedict Cumberbatch – who was at school with Peter’s young son, Lorcan O'Toole was first up. He said that Lorcan had brought Benedict (I think it's "Benny") to meet his Dad at one point. In sight of all, but out of earshot, everyone could see them talking away and suddenly Peter said "FUCKING CUNT!" really loudly. Afterward, everyone asked if Peter O'Toole had just called him a cunt and he said, "No, but if he had, I would put it on my gravestone." Nice opener.

Source: blog post by Trey Speegle

Finsbury Park theatre birthday party

Sir Ian McKellen arrived on stage at Park Theatre last night clad top to toe in Arsenal kit.
His sartorial statement was a ruse to raise funds at the venue's first birthday gala and he cheekily stripped off the kit (revealing more formal attire underneath) as it was auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had foregone the BAFTA's' to be there and showed his true colours by winning the red and white scarf, saying he would be wearing it at every game next season. He also agreed to join Sir Ian in sponsoring a seat at the theatre, on which both their names will appear, fitting as Sir Ian is to soon appear as Sherlock Holmes in a new film exploring his twilight years.

Cumberbatch is friends with the theatre's artistic director Jez Bond and said he has been a supporter from the start, coming to see the opening show and Adult Supervision, starring his ex-girlfriend Olivia Poulet and Stroke of Luck starring Tim Piggott-Smith.

"They have had some wonderful performers here already and the theatres only quite young so bring it on," he said.

"When Jez told me he was opening a theatre I said 'get out of here' but then he showed me the site and I thought 'that could work', there isn't an intimate space like this in the area."

He added: "This is as local as it gets for me as I'm just near the heath and I'm just thrilled for Jez and his success and that all his hard work has paid off and I hope the audience numbers continue to grow.

"I think to open a local theatre when you are still in the middle of a recession is a really involved thing to do and his tickets price policy, hats off to that, because there's proper access and people can come here and be inspired and moved and I think it's a great addition to the local community."

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Sir Ian McKellen has a reputation for taking his clothes off on stage — those who saw his Lear in 2007 may still have sleepless nights over what his understudy memorably called that “magnificent manhood dangling in the dusty air” — but mercifully he stopped short of a full reveal when he stripped at a charity event for the Park Theatre, in north London, the other day. McKellen came head to toe in Arsenal FC kit and gradually removed his hat, shirt, shorts, etc, to auction the items.

To Benedict Cumberbatch, who bought the scarf for £50, McKellen reflected that when he was young he had looked like the Sherlock star, see above. “Unfortunately, you now know what you are going to look like in 40 years’ time,” McKellen said. “Can’t wait,” Cumberbatch replied.

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Meanwhile, in Sherlock-land:

So say we all, Mark, so say we all...