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Ayoade Adoration Association™ Post VIII

We start with:

Richard Ayoade ♥ received the coveted BAFTA Award for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Program(me) last night for his role as the delightfully daft, ever-logical Moss in the final episode of The IT Crowd, which is available on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

"I hope this serves as an inspiration to other nasal men with no facial expression or emotional range," Ayoade deadpanned while accepting Britain's highest television honor, also thanking the cast of The IT Crowd and creator Graham Linehan.


Richard Ayoade really wants you to see his adaptation of Dostoevsky's The Double. "People have to see it on the pain of death, or there will be a cataclysmic event visited upon the world," he said.

He's kidding, of course, but Ayoade, a prolific British actor who might be best known in the United States for the comedy The Watch, in which he co-starred with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, is also a budding feature film director.

The Double would still have to be classified as a drama - it's dark and at times terrifying - and yet Ayoade would like you to see humor in it. This is from a guy who thinks films such as The Shining and Badlands are funny.
The Double: Director Ayoade sees humor in dark drama

SH: Well first off, I thought the movie was great, and to start off I wanted to get a better sense of the genesis of the film. I know the idea to make the movie began with co-screenwriter Avi Korine who wrote a first draft, but when did you join the project and when did you decide during that collaborative process that it would be your second directorial feature?

RA: Well I first read his script in 2007, I think, before we filmed Submarine. We filmed Submarine in 2009, so I had only maybe just started writing Submarine and I met Avi when I was doing this music video for Vampire Weekend. So I was in America and I could afford to go to Nashville [where Korine lives] which wasn’t too crazily expensive, and we talked about it and I had some ideas about how to restructure certain things and he did another draft. I probably started to re-get involved in two-thousand and…gosh maybe it could have been 2010 and maybe I read the script in 2008? But yeah, it was awhile and took a long time.

Actually yeah, the film [Submarine] came out in 2010 so I was kind of working on it from after I met Avi—and he was doing the absolute bulk of it initially—and then I wrote a draft, and then he came to England and we wrote one together. That was kind of the best period—the period where we made the most progress in cracking it properly. And after that I would sort of write it and it started to come together as a shooting script as it were. But Avi always came to the shoot, and it was really great working with him. I hope to work with him again.
Sean Hutchinson Interviews The Double Director Richard Ayoade

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