New dictionary words for 2014: Fangirl, Hashtag, Selfie

The English language is always adding new words. Why, just a few years ago, there was no way to tell a social-networking fangirl that it was a spoiler alert to talk about who was catfished on MTV last night, nor was there a way to properly discuss a social networking hashtag of a steampunk tweep taking a selfie while listening to auto-tune dubstep.

Merriam-Webster has fixed this by adding 150 new words to its official dictionary in 2014. Here are just some of the new additions:

selfie [noun, 2002]: an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera, especially for posting on social networks

catfish [noun, 1612]: (second definition) a person who sets up a false person profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes

fangirl [noun, 1934]: a girl or woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something

hashtag [noun, 2008]: a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies or categorizes the accompanying text, such as a tweet

spoiler alert [noun, 1994]: a reviewer's warning that a plot spoiler is about to be revealed

tweep [noun, 2008]: a person who uses the Twitter online message service to send and receive tweets

The creators of Catfish the documentary and the TV show, react to the new sense of catfish being added to the dictionary in 2014:

"Never in a thousand years could we have imagined what a phenomenon Catfish would become. Seeing this new definition in Merriam-Webster's dictionary is not only an honor for us, it is a reflection of how our experience in the film has now become a universal one, shared by people all over the world. It has been an incredible journey. A special thanks to Angela Wesselman-Pierce and Vince Pierce for enlightening us to the original myth of the Catfish."

—Ariel (Rel) Schulman, Henry Joost, and Nev Schulman

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