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Lana Del Rey is the second most expensive female performer

Pop music’s new power ranking are in and, at least as far as ticket prices are concerned, Lana Del Rey is making a serious charge to the top. According to TiqIQ, the average price for Lana Del Rey tickets on the secondary market are $269.68 for her current tour, making Lana Del Rey the second most expensive female performer in music at the moment — trailing only Beyoncé, who is arguably the biggest female star in music today.

However, the current comparison to Beyoncé may not be entirely fair, as Beyoncé will be co-headlining her upcoming “On the Run” tour with husband Jay-Z, making Jay-Z and Beyoncé tickets the most expensive of the current crop of female performers at an average price of $306.22. Perhaps a more accurate comparison would be Beyoncé’s “Mrs. Carter Show” solo world tour from last year, when Beyoncé tickets were priced at $294.01 on average. This would still keep Lana Del Rey in second position, but there is no denying that she is gaining fast.
In fact, it might be surprising to learn that Lana Del Rey tickets are now priced higher than those of more established female pop powerhouses including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus. Part of this can be attributed to the relatively rare number of live shows that Lana Del Rey has booked, compared with the long-running massive global tours of her pop diva contemporaries. Lana Del Rey has just eight North American dates remaining on her current tour, followed by five European festival gigs.

Lana Del Rey’s closest rival is Katy Perry who, by comparison, has booked 107 dates for her massive “Prismatic” World Tour. Katy Perry tickets come in at an average price of $262.92 on the secondary market, prices that may be diluted somewhat by the large number of dates available. The tour kicked off May 7 and will have a very busy Perry crossing the globe from North America to Europe to Australia until December 15.

Next in line is Lady Gaga, the Queen of Pop who was recently dethroned by Perry in a long-standing chart battle and rivalry. Lady Gaga tickets have an average price of $229.44 on the secondary market for her “ArtRAVE” Tour, which will see Gaga performing 71 dates from May 4 to November 10 across four continents — including relatively unusual locations for American performers such as Dubai, Tel Aviv, and Istanbul.

Not to be outdone, Miley Cyrus comes in next for her 64-date “Bangerz” Tour, which kicked off February 14 and runs through August 14. Miley Cyrus tickets are currently priced at an average of $195.41 on the secondary market, putting the 21-year-old shock pop diva in fifth place amongst her female pop contemporaries.

The biggest difference between Lana Del Rey and the other artists above is the size of the venue for these concerts. While the big names in pop are touring massive arenas, Lana Del Rey is performing in smaller venues with a smaller quantity of available tickets. The limited availability of tickets is a reason for the increased price of tickets, but compared to artists playing similar venues the demand for Lana Del Rey tickets is clear.

Singer/songwriter and pianist Sara Bareilles has long associated with the indie music scene and is now crossing over into the mainstream. She’s still playing in smaller concert venues, but there’s still an average price of $154.70 for Sara Bareilles tickets on her current tour. This may again be partly attributed to the relative dearth of live dates as compared to her rivals, with just 26 Sara Bareilles dates scheduled between June 2 and August 14.

A new addition to the pop ranks is 23-year-old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, currently on her “The New Classic” Tour. That 14-date North American run though small venues such, as The Fillmore in San Francisco, kicked off April 23 and concludes May 22, with Iggy Azalea tickets coming in at an average price of $93.75 on the secondary market.

For Lana Del Rey, the combination of low quantity and high demand in these types of venues has led to the perfect storm for high tickets prices. However, with that demand Lana Del Rey could have the ability to successfully fill some bigger venues the next time she tours.

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