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“DAMIEN” Will Bring “THE OMEN” to Television for New Series

THE OMEN finds itself the latest piece of horror history re-fashioned for television, following the likes of HANNIBAL, BATES MOTEL and the recently concluded ROSEMARY’S BABY miniseries. Glen Mazzara, who immediately succeeded Frank Darabont as showrunner of THE WALKING DEAD will bring DAMIEN to Lifetime Network, where the show will follow an adult Damien Thorn facing his destiny.

Does such mean that DAMIEN will take place between DAMIEN: OMEN II and OMEN III: THE FINAL CONFLICT? There’s no word yet of the series’ continuity, or lack thereof, with the films. Considering the sweet spot of success the aforementioned HANNIBAL and BATES have found in working toward established events, it seems likely. Instead, a vague description only slightly expands on the sentence I offered above, stating “Now an adult and haunted by his past, Damien is faced with a series of macabre events and must finally face his true destiny: he is the Antichrist.”

THE OMEN is of course no stranger to being tailored for TV, as OMEN IV: THE AWAKENING was a made-for-television sequel, while the 1995 miniseries remake THE OMEN attempted to transition the property into an ongoing show.


It seems like horror series are either hit (Hannibal) or miss (Rosemary's Baby). I wonder how this will pan out.
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