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Total Film's List of the 40 (5) Greatest X-Men Characters

5. Lady Deathstrike

The X-Man: X-Woman more like. Lady Deathstrike is the bodyguard of William Stryker - not because she likes him or anything, but because he's controlling her using a special serum.

Why They're Super: Basically, Lady Deathstrike's a female version of Wolverine. Almost impossible to kill, she also boasts lethal claws that emerge from her finger-tips.

Are They Cooler In The Comics? She's totally different in the comics, with a completely different backstory, but that doesn't stop Kelly Hu's version from being hella cool.

We love it when she cracks her knuckles.


4. Professor X

The X-Man: Charles Xavier. Founder of the School For Gifted Youngsters and mutant campaigner. He believes that mutants should have the same rights as humans, and will fight for their cause to the death.

Why They're Super: He's one of the most powerful mutants ever thanks to his telekinetic powers and his advanced intelligence (well, he IS a professor).

Are They Cooler In The Comics? Nope. Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy have excelled at playing different versions of the same character, meaning the Prof has been alternately groovy and grandiose on screen.

We wish we had a mentor like Professor X.


3. Mystique

The X-Man: Blue-skinned redhead with a gift for mimicry. Mystique is something of an anti-hero, initially friends with Charles but later allying herself with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants.

Why They're Super: Her shape-shifting power makes Mystique one of the coolest infiltrators ever.

Are They Cooler In The Comics? Mystique's backstory is way more complex in the comics, but that doesn't mean she's not super-cool in the movies.

Her smarts and wiles always come to the fore - which is impressive given she's naked most of the time.


2. Magneto

The X-Man: Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants and a man on a mission. Magneto hates humans for targeting mutants and will stop at nothing to win the war between the two. "We're the future, Charles…"

Why They're Super: Magneto has power over metal, and considering we live in a post-industrial world, that means he can manipulate just about anything around him - including the Golden Gate Bridge…

Are They Cooler In The Comics? While Michael Fassbender brings a rough toughness to Magneto, Ian McKellen makes him purr like a panther.

Both ensure that Magneto's as suitably magnetic on screen as he is in the comics.


1. Wolverine (

The X-Man: A cigar-smoking, cuss-delivering, grumpy sod who has claws for hands. He begrudgingly joins the X-Men when he realises mutant rights are worth fighting for.

Why They're Super: SNIKT! Wolverine's adamantium claws are his signature, as are his ability to self-heal - and the fact that he doesn't take shit from no-one.

Are They Cooler In The Comics? Wolverine's a fan favourite in the comics, and though Hugh Jackman was initially criticised for being too tall for the character, he's made Wolverine his own.

Sure, there's been the odd blip (X-Men: Origins…), but he's still the coolest character in the movies. Seven movies in, we still want more.

The rest at the source.
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