French Eurovision contestants Twin Twin go naked on TV


Twin Twin, the French formation that finished last in this year’s Eurovision Final, appeared on French television on monday night. They were guests in the show Grand Journal and talked about the disappointing result for France. They showed not to be too sad about it all by appearing practically naked in the talkshow.


Twin Twin performed their track Moustache during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, representing France, but the result show was quite a disappointment for them as they finished in 26th position. Out of 37 voting countries, they only managed to gain two points. The Twin Twin boys appeared on a French TV show to talk about their experiences in Copenhagen and immediately showed they did not lose their sense of humour. Completely nude, with only a sock around their private parts, they entered the studio and sat down for a chat. They joked that angry and disappointed French people robbed them from all of their clothes when they came back at the airport.


They quoted former winner Céline Dion by saying that ‘the last shall be the first’. The boys immediately started singing her song Les derniers seront les premiers. The Twin Twin guys also told the show host that their song was one of the most popular entries with the technicians and volunteers in Copenhagen, but they admit it is a pity that those were not the people who voted. They do not regret participating in Eurovision as they had a great time there and are proud to have represented France with a song in French.

Video can be found here: (2:33)