Lingerie store La Perla pulls mannequin with protruding ribs amidst Twitter outcry


Store mannequins are known to be notoriously (many would say problematically) thin — increasingly so as the years go by. But a controversial shopfront display at the upscale lingerie chain La Perla has shocked even more people than usual this week by featuring a mannequin with ribs that protrude from its body.

Spotted by a concerned shopper named Michael Rudoy at La Perla's SoHo location in New York City, the mannequin in question was wearing a red two-piece swim suit and a white wrist band when Rudoy took its picture.

The mannequin's collarbones, hip bones, and most noticeably, ribcage, jutted out sharply, prompting Rudoy to tweet a photo of it with the caption "How does #LaPerla think ribs on a mannequin is ok?!"

Rudoy was careful to include truth-in-advertising advocate Seth Matlins' Twitter handle in the hopes of calling some attention to the issue.

Maltins was quick to retweet the photo, adding his own criticism of the mannequin to the tweet along with the #NotBuyingIt hashtag, which is often used by citizens to point out problematic advertisements.

Soon, enough people were using the hashtag to criticize La Perla that it started trending on Twitter.

Many of the complainants called the mannequin irresponsible, alleging that the it could contribute towards poor body image and eating disorders in young women.

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