Hannibal: Hugh Dancy on how far Will Graham has Really Gone


Last week’s Hannibal had some big reveals at the end, as we got confirmation that Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) had not truly [Spoiler (click to open)]murdered Freddie Loundsand was really just[Spoiler (click to open)]immersing himself in an intricate planto finally [Spoiler (click to open)]stophis twisted confidant/enemy.

Dancy added that there most definitely still is cause for concern regarding Will’s actions, remarking:"He's almost enjoying himself at this stage, and I think that's the most worrying thing for Will.”


I spoke to Dancy this week at NBC’s Upfront event in New York, and he told me that when it came to the situation Will’s put himself in, “It's precarious, but I think you'll see -- I mean, we've got two more episodes left [this season] -- that Will is not just working a devious plan and trying to deceive Hannibal. He's gotten to where he is by realizing that you can't deceive Hannibal, so he's going to proceed with great transparency.”

When we discovered Freddie was alive, I instantly had to wonder – what meat did Will bring Hannibal then that he inferred was Freddie and which they ate together? It may not have been Freddie, but Hannibal being Hannibal, wouldn’t he have known if it wasn’t human? Did Will, to make it seem that he had fully become the same as Hannibal, knowingly ingest human flesh?


When I asked Dancy this question, he replied, without hesitation, “I think it has to be human. I don't think you could pull that one over Hannibal. It's not like there's some human spices you can add to lamb -- I hope! Maybe he strapped it to himself for a day and a half. No, I think that was human.”

As for who that was being eaten then, Dancy said, from his perspective, “Probably, most likely, that was Randall Tier. I think Will has absolutely crossed a line. I talked about this with Bryan [Fuller] a lot as we started down the second half of this season, that if Will's going to do that, he has to do it in total sincerity. Because you couldn't fool Hannibal for a second any other way, and that's the risk to him. Frankly, I don't even know if we'll resolve that this season, but certainly it will play up to the very, very last scene of this season.”


Hannibal airs Friday nights at 10pm ET/PT on NBC.


So relieved at the renewal, I was afraid this show was going to get canceled right when I started watching like every other Bryan Fuller show.