artRAVE At Madison Square Garden!!!!!

Omgg, it was soooo amazing.

I got in line at 11pm the night before. I was number 6. That all changed though in the morning of course. Marc Monster totally cut in front of me. WTF. Somehow he got number 4. Someone saved a spot for him; SMH. I didnt even care though. The wait felt like forever tbh. I got right up against the main stage. Though, i thought the stage itself would be closer. She sang near me so many times. She smiled at me too. I swear she recognized me as well. It was so surreal. I was like soooo close to getting backstage, but I couldnt toss my flower to her tho. The stage itself was too far. Thank Godga I found Lacee though, her bestie, & who is part of the haus. She said she would give it to her. <3

Camping Outside The Venue.

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Cool Costumes.

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 photo artrave019_zps224f79cb.jpg photo artrave020_zps159f98dd.jpg

We're Like Triplets LMAO!!!

 photo artrave021_zpsa3040134.jpg photo artrave023_zps8aa48471.jpg photo artrave025_zps47150a5f.jpg

Marc Monster LOL!!!

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Maikeeb, A.K.A. The Yaaasssssss Kid LOL!!!

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Inside The Venue.

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Hatsune Miku

She was pretty cool. I kinda liked it.

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This is the best one. She's singing right at me!!!!!

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Lacee with my flower!!!

 photo artrave313_zpsd15383d7.jpg

Richie Jackson, her choreographer!!!!

 photo artrave315_zps787a7d8d.jpg

Some Videos:

make sure to turn your volume down!!!!


Gaga Getting Dressed On Stage. UNF LOL!!! <3

SOURCE is my amazing camera!!!

jinnycalderone thanks you for your time. <3