Listen to the enchanting voice of a UK singer-songwriter Rae Morris in her latest EP!

Rae Morris has a devilishly haunting voice, eerie as Kate Bush or Natasha Khan (aka Bat for Lashes), with sadness tinged songs which draw you in slowly with quiet piano riffs. After bubbling away under the surface for a while now, Rae Morris is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Yeah it's great hearing her team up with Bombay Bicycle Club on their latest single 'Luna', but it only takes 30 seconds of 'Skin' to realise just how special she is. It also helps that the video is all kinds of brilliant.
"Skin is so simple and honest," says Morris of the track. There's nothing over complicated about human instincts and emotion. Recording it with Ariel Rechtshaid, and making the whole album, was very similar to Skin; a natural and uncomplicated process around amazing people and super talented musicians. I think after recording this song, the sound for the rest of the record became really clear."

Although she opened BRIT’s Critics Choice winner UK tour, Tom Odell, with her previous EP but going on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club was what really took Rae Morris to a bigger audience. “Touring is my absolute favourite thing in the world to do and being on the road with Bombay was an amazing experience. They are my friends and my band got along really well with everyone too.” This was matched by the opportunity to sing backing vocals on the band’s recent single ‘Luna’. “It’s such a different process and always feels like a mentally different challenge. Singing on the Bombay record came about really randomly and unplanned, so it was all very exciting.”

However, fans of Rae will know that touring with her new friends was not just a sympathy gesture. Having been picked up by BBC Introducing a couple of years ago, she was given the opportunity to have a number of slots at various festivals and radio shows, most notably playing the BBC Introducing stage at Reading in 2011. In a time where it’s easy to be picked up randomly on Youtube and rocketed to fame, BBC Introducing almost seems antiquated. “Oh I think it’s so important, and still incredibly relevant. If anything, I think it’s harder now to be discovered because of how many people are doing it themselves through YouTube videos and social networks etc. BBC Introducing gave me a lot of firsts. First radio interviews and sessions, festivals and exposure. I cherish those experiences.”

Aside from becoming an unofficial member of BBC, the new EP Do You Even Know is being produced by Ariel Rechtsaid, who’s recently worked with a diverse number of acts including Haim, Sky Ferreira and Vampire Weekend. “Working with Ariel was amazing. I think that you can read into people a little too much at times; the things they’ve done and the people they’ve worked with. When I met him, I wasn’t really aware of the things he’d done before. It felt best to just meet him with no preconceptions and talk as two people. His experience and way of working definitely did have an effect on the way we recorded the album, but only in the most positive way. Working with someone who has done so much before certainly puts your mind at ease and lets you just concentrate on only the important things.”

Listen to Rae Morris EP below:


I really like Unguarded and Do You Even Know from the first listen but I didn't really like Skin at first, although it's really growing on me now! She sounded really good live tho!
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