Solange Reacts to Her Elevator Drama in a Very Telling Way

After Beyoncé sent out what looked like a show of support for her sister on Instagram, Solange Knowles responded by posting Throwback Thursday photos of herself and her older sister. Normally, this would not seem like a big deal, but considering the two sisters are currently embroiled in a scandal after Solange was caught on camera trying to beat up Jay Z in an elevator following a Met Gala afterparty, it's actually noteworthy. Neither Solange, Beyoncé, nor Jay Z has publicly commented on the fight (and theories about what happened are popping up everywhere), and Solange's relationship with her sister was questioned when some people suggested that she had deleted previously posted photos of herself with the superstar on Instagram. The claim was never confirmed, although Solange has deleted several non-Bey photos from her Instagram in the past few weeks. However, while sharing an old photo of herself sitting with her family listening to Sisqó, she hinted the deleted photos may not have a deeper meaning. She wrote under her Sisqó snap, "This will be deleted tomorrow, and it's not because I don't love Sisqo's awesome guitar." Could this be a sign that maybe she just deletes photos from her Instagram occasionally with no greater meaning?

The sisters likely know that everyone is closely monitoring their social media habits and looking for clues in what they post. Beyoncé sorta-maybe made a reference to the drama this week, when in addition to her own Solange snaps, she shared a photo of herself with Rihanna. One popular theory about why Solange attacked Jay was because he was going to Rihanna's afterparty on his own, suggesting that Bey and Ri aren't on good terms. Beyoncé's post put an end to any rumors of trouble between the two singers.

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idek what's happening anymore but this is the juiciest scandal of the yr imo

edit: smdh at their statement, this scandal flopped. someone bribe julius pls