James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart in São Paulo to promote Days of Future Past

Both actors are in Brazil as a part of the X-Men X-Perience. They had a press conference yesterday (05/15) and today they're going to the premiere of the movie, in São Paulo.

Some points from the press conference:

  • When asked what they'd do if they could go back in time, like in the movie, McAvoy said he'd tell his younger self to refuse certain parts “I've been in some really bad movies” he said, not mentioning any in particular and then added “But what I'd really like to do is see myself when I was five, see what I was up to”. Stewart said if he could change something on his past “I'd tell myself to have more fun”.

  • They took gifts from the audience and signed a journalist's comic book.

  • When asked about portraying a more human side to Professor X than Patrick Stewart, McAvoy said that although the heroes have “superproblems” they're, in the end, human problems: “They suffer from prejudice, they have dilemmas like us. And I take that to the part, because people relate batter when they see themselves on the screen. It's an honor to have worked with Patrick and Ian [McKellen], they're great actors. I know I'm going to get criticized on this part precisely because it was played by such a great actor too.”

  • Stewart then added that “I have great admiration for James, for the work he's done. He was the best option to play Xavier's past. We're very different actors, physically too. But James did a great job. I've watched the movie a couple of times and in a lot of scenes I see myself on Jame's Xavier.” he then joked that “[James] could be Captain Picard if they ever make a younger version of him in 'Star Trek; Days of Future Past'.”

  • James McAvoy was asked about what superpower he wanted to have when he was a child and said: “When I was a kid I wanted to have the ability to make people like me. I wanted to have more confidence, like a superhero. Another thing would be to be invisible to escape certain situations”.

  • About the costumes, Stewart said that he loved wearing the black leather outfit because it made him look tougher and McAvoy said that the yellow and blue outfit from First Class was too tight and that he wanted to wear Magneto's costume from the first movies: “Ian McKellen's costume was awesome and showed that the character was really powerful”.

  • McAvoy said that he hopes to get bald like the future Xavier played by Stewart, but that filming on Days of Future Past ended with his character still having all his hair. “When we were finished and no one asked me to go bald, it was a bit frustrating. I hope on the next movie I can show up with no hair.”

  • A reporter joked about asking his questions psychically and the actors played along: "Yes, I am wearing underwear" McAvoy said. "It's... Let me see... Orange!"

  • Stewart said that the biggest lesson he learned from playing Professor X was that "To change something in this world, you need to get involved and act. We're living at a time of much resentment, hatred and violence. I simply cannot read the news." He also said that in the movie "You see mutants from both sides helping each other and, more importantly, taking care of each other.".

Arriving in São Paulo:

Press conference:

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