The Originals Finale Recap: A New Hope Is Born

Anyone who was hoping that Season 2 of The Originals would be a dramatic take on Three Men and a Baby — what, just me? — would be well advised to adjust expectations.

On Tuesday’s season finale, baby Mikaelson finally makes her debut, but her entry into the world is far from a smooth one. Heck, she doesn’t even get to stay in New Orleans.

But first, those pesky witches slit Hayley’s throat and take the little girl for their ritual, while Klaus looks on helplessly. Elijah is completely devastated when he finds Hayley’s lifeless body and blames his brother’s schemes for her undoing and, thus, his. “I let her in. I don’t let people in,” he says to Klaus. “I needed her, and you’ve broken me.”

Klaus vows to find their child and then “you can tell your niece how much you cared for her mother when we save her,” he replies.

And they won’t have to save her alone. Hayley comes back to life and promptly turns into a fierce mama wolf. As for how she survived, she died with the baby’s blood inside of her so now she’s in transition. To complete the process of becoming a hybrid, she’ll need to drink her own child’s blood.

But it’s Marcel who actually rescues the baby from the witches, killing Monique with a dark object/star that unleashes a thousand cuts on its victim. (That was a clever one, show — and a striking visual.) He hoped to use the child as a pawn to save his men’s lives, but they’re already dead from the werewolf bites by the time he gets to them. “This is the last note in a song that I started a century ago when I brought your dad to town,” he tells Klaus. “And for that, I am sorry.” Klaus finally makes peace with him, giving Marcel his blood for saving his daughter.

Still, the little one is far from safe. Look at what happened to her on her first day – kidnapped numerous times and almost sacrificed (by decree of her own grandmother Esther!). “She has inherited all of our enemies with none of our defenses,” says Klaus. So mom, dad and Elijah hatch a plan to send her away while they clean up the mess, and to make sure no one goes looking for her, they fake the baby’s death. But in reality, Klaus heartbreakingly hands over his daughter to his sister Rebekah.

“She’ll get a white fence. It’ll be lovely,” says Rebekah, making a welcome return. And how lovely is that, in turn, Rebekah gets her dream of a family and a normal life (granted by way of a twisted mess and her brother’s misery)? It’s all kind of perfect that the little girl will be with her auntie.

“There is no one I would trust more with my daughter’s life,” Klaus tells his sis. “Be happy.” And for his little girl:

“You will return to me.”

What’s her name, Rebekah wonders. “Her name is Hope,” replies a teary-eyed Klaus. Of course it is.

Elsewhere in the finale:

* Cliffhanger: Esther is back as the fourth Harvest girl?! As is Mikael, thanks to Davina’s magic, but she’s no fool. She’s got control over him so she can get payback against Klaus when she wants and not a moment sooner.

* Klaus breaks up with Cami as friends, citing his need to ruin everything he finds beautiful. “And you are beautiful,” he tells her.


Thoughts? I really liked it. [Spoiler (click to open)] Queen Bex coming back and that scene with her and Klaus was great.