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Taylor Kitsch talks 'Friday Night Lights' and fans continued love for Tim Riggins

“Friday Night Lights” fans, it’s time to lay that pigskin to rest: The movie isn’t going to happen and, moreover, Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins himself) never wanted it to.

When Kitsch stopped by to chat with Josh Horowitz for his podcast, Happy Sad Confused, the topic of the long-canceled yet still beloved TV show that Kitsch appeared on was unavoidable.

“I love playing that guy,” he said of his character, a high school football player who doesn’t have much more going on in his life than ball and booze at most points. However, he was never interested in a movie, he said.

“[The movie is] put to bed. I never wanted to,” Kitsch said. “[Executive producer] Pete [Berg] contested that, he was like, ‘Are you sure?’ It was really centralized on Cons and Coach T stuff, and, of course, Rigs had a couple little moments. We ended [the show] just right.”

He can’t escape his infamous character though, to the danger of his liver.

“The beauty of Rigs was the guys love him,” he said. “They wanna get drunk with Riggins. If I go to the bar just for a drink or a beer — it’s all flattering — but it’s like, guys I’m not 18 with an alcohol problem.”

Texas Forever!
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