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Kylie Minogue snubbed by The Voice contestant Zaachariah Fielding of duo ZK

She tried to welcome them to The Voice Australia, literally with open arms.

But Adelaide singers Zaachariaha Fielding and Kristal West didn't return the gesture when Kylie Minogue reached out to hug them on Monday night's show.

Zaachariaha, 22, said looking back at the footage was embarrassing.

He said he wanted the viewers to understand that he's respectful of all the judges: 'I look back at the footage and it did really embarrass me, but I was just so excited to see Ricky Martin.'

'I was graceful to all the judges - I've done nothing wrong to apologise for.'


Despite not planning to offer an apology, the singer from Adelaide showed his love for the Princess of Pop, sort of.

'I love Kylie, she's so beautiful...seeing her in person, she is so small.'

And on her music: 'I don't have a lot of that, I don't know any of her songs, but my cousins love her.'

The two Voice contestants made headlines after they decided not to hug Kylie as they made their way off the stage during Monday night's episode of the show.

Celebrity coaches Ricky Martin, Joel Madden and Kylie joined a successful by getting out of their seats to greet the pair centre stage.

After first being embraced by his new mentor, next in line for Zaach was singer Kylie.

But as the diminuitive blonde reached out to Zaach, he locked eyes with her before moving to the side and into the arms of Joel Madden, leaving Kylie looking rejected as she lowered her arms back down and stood awkwardly on the stage.

Kristal also failed to hug Kylie, although it appears she may have just run out time.

She explained via the duo's shared Twitter account that the failure to greet Kylie was accidental.

'I didn't do it intentionally. I was totally star struck by Will! I love @kylieminogue...#mybad,' she said, signing off with her name.

The pair had initially won over the audience and the coaches with their performance.

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