Kelly Rowlegend Teams With Pepsi For New Visual Album

Kelly Rowland‘s solo stock is sky-high. Just ask Pepsi, who’ve paired up with the R&B chanteuse for a unique new visual album.

The drinks giant today announced the compelling project to the world’s press.

A compilation LP titled ‘Beats Of The Beautiful Game’, the project’s concept unites a host of major names from the worlds of music and film-making to celebrate soccer during the upcoming World Cup.

Set for release on June 10th, the album will feature a collection of 11 anthem-like songs and short films.

Rowland, whose new song ‘The Game’ will appear on the LP (along with its Spike Lee directed video), said of the campaign

“What I love about this is how creative it is. It’s a project with a whole bunch of different artists being able to do different songs. I’m excited about being a part of something like this.”

In their continued bid to outdo rivals Coca-Cola, the big P have also tapped Rita Ora, Janelle Monae, and Idris Elba for ‘Beats’ record. source