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Sherri "Nothing Predates Christ" Shepherd's Divorce Roundup

Sherri Shepherd Files For Divorce

Sherri Shepherd has filed her own legal docs for divorce days after her estranged husband Lamar Sally filed his own docs. Shepherd filed for divorce in New Jersey, claiming irreconcilable differences. Sally filed for legal separation May 2 although our sources say it will be changed to divorce as soon as Sally meets the California residency requirement in 3 months.

The couple is having a baby in July with a surrogate and Sally wants full custody along with an order prohibiting Shepherd from interfering with the birth. Shepherd makes no mention in her legal docs of custody.

As for the prenup, which Sally wants invalidated on grounds of fraud, Shepherd wants it enforced. The prenup provides, if the marriage lasts between 2 and 5 years, Sally only gets $60,000.

Lamar Sally told PEOPLE that he's lost "freakin' 50 pounds" as he goes through the process of separating from his wife, actress and The View regular Sherri Shepherd. "Use a slim picture," he joked. "Not the fat one from six months ago … I'm on the divorce diet." Sally declined any further comment on his divorce from Shepherd, but added, "I'm happy to be a father."

Sherri Shepherd took her seat on The View's panel as usual Monday, gabbing about first openly gay NFL player Michael Sam, the latest diet fads and more. But when it came to making a statement about her own life – her shocking separation and custody fight over her unborn child – she remained mum. The show's cohost didn't address the news at all during the talk show's broadcast, and much of the episode focused on creator Barbara Walters's impending exit, including an interview with David Letterman about the longtime friends retiring together.

An insider tells PEOPLE that Shepherd, 47, didn't want to take away from Walters's moment – and may never speak of the split on air. "She was really in business mode," the show source says. "She clearly is not ready to talk about these issues, and everyone wanted to respect that."

The TV personality made headlines Friday after it was discovered that her husband Lamar Sally had filed for legal separation May 2. The two have been married for nearly three years and are expecting a baby together via surrogate in July. When the story broke, a source close to Shepherd told PEOPLE that she "keeps her private life very private. … She keeps it so together and professional. People thought she was fine."

Sherri Shepherd kept her personal problems from plain view. The View co-host stunned many after news surfaced Friday that husband Lamar Sally had filed for separation – and that the estranged couple are expecting a child via surrogate. Few were more shocked that those within Shepherd's orbit.

"She is such a pro. She came to work all week and nobody knew that anything was going on," a source who knows Shepherd tells PEOPLE. "Nobody knew that she was even expecting with the surrogate." The source says that Shepherd, 47, "keeps her private life very private, and she talked about wanting to have a baby with a surrogate on the show but she generally only shares news when she has news to share." Adds the source: "She keeps it so together and professional. People thought she was fine."

As for Sally, "he always seemed to be there to support her," the insider explains. "It seemed like they had a happy, supportive relationship. This is a shock."

Shepherd has yet to directly address the split, but she took to Twitter on Thursday, writing: "Don't underestimate the power of friendship... friends are the soft landing when you fall."

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd is said to be “disgusted” at her estranged husband’s effort to score a BIG payday as part of the pair’s contentious split.</b> Lamar Sally, 43, revealed a bombshell in his May 2 divorce petition in a Los Angeles court against the television presenter, revealing the pair has an unborn son, Lamar Sally Jr., with a due date of July 28. Sally indicated that he intends to file for full custody and requested both spousal and child support from Shepherd!

Now, a source close to Shepherd, 47, has revealed: “Sherri is disgusted by Lamar’s demand for custody of their unborn child. He is trying to leverage a surrogate child for a paycheck… it’s pathetic.” It’s “another attempt to get as much money as possible out of her,” the source added.

An insider previously revealed how Sally was desperate for a child, but Shepherd didn’t believe he would step up as a father figure. “Sherri has a full time nanny, who drives (their son) Jeffrey to school every day and picks him up in the afternoon. This has been going on for years, and Lamar doesn’t even offer to help. It is unfortunate. Sherri started to wonder if he’d ever be able to step up once they had another child, or if she’d be practically raising the child alone.” the source said.

In the wake of her exes bombshell court revelation, Shepherd is privately vowing to fight. “Lamar doesn’t have any source of income and he’s only going to want Sherri to pay him out for years,” a pal said. “She was tired of him freeloading off of her and she certainly doesn’t want to pay for him now!”

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I find it interesting that she wore her wedding ring on The View yesterday when she hasn't been wearing it in months.

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