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lan zhan

V. Stiviano in a Car Accident

V. Stiviano rolled into Beverly Hills Monday afternoon right before rolling the Ferrari Donald Sterling gave her into another car ... TMZ has learned.
Stiviano was driving her red whip behind a black Range Rover when we're told she failed to stop and caused a rear ender. The other driver tells TMZ ... she was wearing her visor at the time of the crash. (i choked tbh, going 2 hell)

We're told V. went insane ... jumping out of the Ferrari and "screaming every obscenity in the book," including, "You know who you're messing with, mother f*****?"
Stiviano told the other driver she had to return the Ferrari ... though she was not specific. As you know by now, the car is one of several vehicles she got courtesy of Donald Sterling.

We're told Stiviano wouldn't ante up her insurance info and had "an assistant" deal with it.
Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda said last week ... he hoped V. got hit by a car. Close, Tommy ... close.


damn, monday ain't playin
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