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NBC’s ‘Constantine’ Gets an Infernal New Trailer And Preview Clip

Here’s the very first trailer for NBC’s ‘Constantine‘ based on the Hellblazer and the New 52 comic of the same name. Get ready for three minutes of hellish action and supernatural fixings.

Just days after NBC announced that it was picking up the series, a new trailer has been posted online that gives us a peek into what we’ll see this fall. We were already impressed with how Matt Ryan looked as the occult detective in the set photo released in March, but the trailer above gives us more of a reason to see Mick Rawson from ‘Criminal Minds’ as Constantine.

The show will feature Constantine as he tries to protect the daughter of one of his oldest friends from demons now that she’s discovered her “second sight,” an ability to see into the hidden, supernatural world. Expect to see angels, demons, all kinds of dark arts and Constantine’s bid to rid the world of demons that are prepping for something big to come, spurned on by an ancient evil.

can't embed, click the image

Tags: comic books, pilot / in development, television - nbc, television promo / stills
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