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Mourning the Death of TV's Most Improbable Show

NBC's Grim Reapers have spoken, and Community will not be coming back for a sixth season. (No word yet on the movie.) No sooner had the show been dropped than speculation began that someone -- Netflix? Amazon? Hulu? -- might pick it back up, with the Huffington Post's Maureen Ryan making the most solid, fact-based case. But for now, at least Dan Harmon's one-of-a-kind show is as dead as Pierce Hawthorne, with fans both mourning its loss and taking comfort in the fact that 97 episodes of a show that was lucky to get on the air in the first place is little short of a miracle.

There's a lot of grief in TV Land right now -- the ends of "Enlisted" and "Trophy Wife" are hitting my colleagues especially hard -- but since critics have had a long time to get their "Community" obits read, they're starting to pop up, and they're fitting tributes to a show with few if any peers.

Andy Greenwald, Grantland
"Community" won. Eventually, even the most devoted Human Being will be able to acknowledge this. Consider: Community was a show that was practically doomed from the start. It was the cracked passion project of a deeply broken man, a malleable receptacle into which Dan Harmon was able to dump a lifetime’s worth of jokes, therapy, and pop culture damage.

James Poniewozik, Time
It did what more art should do, which is take massive swings and be willing to fail. It had a sense of play and excitement about the possibilities of its medium, be it in elaborate parodies or realistic heart-to-heart character studies. It cultivated a talented ensemble — for all its backstage drama, it even used Chevy Chase well.

Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly
Community said so many things -- remarkable, since its characters were so bad at communicating with each other. In the show’s universe, the best way to connect with people was pretending: Epiphanies occurred in the land of make-believe, with the characters "playing" other characters

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five seasons zero movie

I'll miss it a lot, I felt it was back on track... but I'll be okay with it. It's truly a blessing it lasted this long to begin with. At least it went back to Harmon before ending.
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