Strumpet (oblivious_frog) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The night I outdid myself: X-Men Premiere

The global X-Men movie premiere took place tonight in NYC and I was lucky enough to get to go.

King Hugh <3 I love him, he was so sweet and made sure everyone got a picture or an autograph! His poor nose :(

Evan Peters... his ever so lovely GF was around too...

Refusing to stop and say hi to anyone.

My ice king <3 He was insanely sweet!

Posing with Daniel Cudmore (Colossus)

This flawless face made my night.

I'm officially a Lannister.

Blurry Ellen Page... she didn't stop for autographs or take pictures but apparently she has terrible anxiety so I can't fault her on it.

I love him, we're getting married.

Bingbing looked GORGEOUS!

Stealing JLaw's BF.

Jennifer wouldn't stop for pictures but at least she signed some autographs.

James accidentally skipped over me and came back around took this and winked I me. This may have been my breaking point for the evening.

Blurry Famke :/

All in all I was not expecting to see almost the entire cast! It was billed as just Hugh Jackman so I'm still fairly overwhelmed. It was a pretty epic experience and everyone in the cast was amazing!

And that was my Saturday.
Thank you and goodnight <3

Source: Me (Mods this is friends only on purpose I hope this ok!)
Tags: ashmores, ellen page, evan peters, guess who, hugh jackman, james mcavoy, jennifer lawrence, michael fassbender, x-men
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